Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Odds and Ends

- In honor of Danny Paille's new contract, I sound a barbaric "Yippe Paille, Mother@#!$@&!" (Link includes language that might not be safe for work.)

I was a little surprised that the deal was only for two years, but I'm not sure it isn't a good idea. Paille's only played one full season in the NHL and while it was a pretty impressive one at times, I think teams need to be careful about the trend of investing a lot of time and money into young players based on potential. You can probably get away with doing that for a couple of people, but if you do it with too many you run a risk of really screwing yourself if someone doesn't pan out. If I'm understanding things correctly, Paille will still be a RFA at the end of this deal and at that point I think the Sabres will have a better idea what kind of player they have on their hands. Maybe it costs them a little more money in the long run, but it'll be based on a much larger sample. I'm definitely curious to see what Paille develops into. I did not expect 19 goals from him - I'm not sure he expected 19 goals from himself based on some interviews - so it'll be interesting to see if that keeps up or if he settles into being more of a mucker and grinder. One thing's for sure, the money is very good. I was surprised he's getting less than a million in his first year. That's a very good cap hit.

- I'm not a puck bunny, I think we've made that clear. I'm married, I'm increasingly older than a lot of the players, and quite frankly, considering some of the stories I've heard about some of the Sabres, I'm not entirely convinced bagging a hockey player is all that hard much less something to be proud of. If I ever dump my husband it's not going to be for a skanky-ass pro athlete. I am, however, a female and I do occasionally notice if a hockey player happens to be good-looking. In response to a fan video posted on Puck Daddy (you can't see me but I'm rolling my eyes at the stupid name of that otherwise fine blog), Margee of Sportsquee fame is taking a poll on who fans think are the best-looking players in the NHL. For the curious, here's my list in no particular order.

1. Henrik Tallinder, BUF (Unless this is your first day, this should be obvious.)
2. Jochen Hecht, BUF (I get why he isn't a big puck bunny target - he's a little older, he's married, he has young children, he seems terribly shy - but it doesn't change the fact that Jochen is Smokin'.)
3. Travis Zajac, NJ
4. Mike Fisher, OTT (Yeah, even if he is a Senator.)
5. Sammy Pahlsson, ANA
6. Mike Komisarek, MON
7. Jay McKee, STL (Forever and ever, amen.)
8. Saku Koivu, MON (Also owner of the best name in hockey.)
9. Marty Turco, DAL (Dependably good-looking. He's like the neighborhood dad you had a crush on when you were a kid.)
10. Nicklas Lidstrom, DET

Guys, feel free to chime in with your own list of dreamy players! If you want to know even more about my Squee history and you missed it the first time around, check out my full interview with Margee. And for pete's sake, read her blog.

- Speaking of Sportsquee, today Life_As_A_Redhead dropped this amazing link on me in the comment section over there. It's a website for a cattle breeder but check this out (click on the picture to see a larger image because you really need to see the print):

This might be the best thing I've seen all week. I'm always amused when hockey shows up in unexpected places like this.

- In roughly 48 hours from this typing, I'll be leaving The Dark Knight. I'm super stoked. Tickets have already been purchased for an IMAX showing and it better be good because I can't remember the last time Mark and I have both been looking forward to a movie so much.

- Still not enough Heather B. for ya? Then check out this post, co-written by Katebits and me. (You should be reading the Willful Caboose every day anyway.) Kate and I have longed dreamed of being the only two people in Buffalo to buy season tickets and once again, we got a little lost in the fantasy.


twoeightnine said...

Tallinder is square, correct, and long bodied and should be an excellent production oriented bull prospect.

If that means what I think it means...

Heather B. said...

289, I almost made a comment about Toni's description as "long and thick" but I decided to let it go. I'm not that kind of girl :P

Vanek's Hair said...

I have been told I look like Jeremy Roenick and Thomas Vanek. So they get my vote for the Top Shelf Dreamy Hockey Player Award.

Jennifer said...

Best-Looking players in the NHL:

I'll second your choice of Tallinder and Lidstrom, but would also like to add Paul Gaustad, Thomas Vanek, Alex Kovalev and, while I know Heather doesn't like him (sorry), Ryan Malone. There are others, but these are my favs.

I have been told I look like Jeremy Roenick and Thomas Vanek.

Thomas Vanek, yes, I can see, but Roenick..... NOOOO. He's kinda scary looking.

amanda said...

Wow, I'd have to give some serious thought to choosing only 10 players. Much like you, Heather, I am married and older than most of these guys, but I'm not dead, and I notice hot athletes.

I agree that it doesn't seem hard to bag one of them, and when I got divorced a few years ago I briefly considered it but decided there weren't enough condoms in the world to actually feel comfortable having sex with one of them. Well, except for Pommer, who I like to think is a freegin' Boy Scout - don't kill my fantasy, please.

On our own beloved team, there are several lads eligible for the list. Pommer (yes, he's my Squee, if you hadn't already noticed), Paille, Gaustad (only if wearing glasses), Hecht, Kotalik (I'm taken with his constant bedroom eyes), Staffy, and Tallinder. Wow, the Sabres are a hot bunch, aren't they?

Who here thinks they should do a beefcake calendar for charity? Just me? Oh. Moving on...

On other teams, Crosby (who could be my child if I had been a precocious teen, but I like to ignore that fact), Koivu, Fisher, Letang (Pittsburgh), Toews, Lundqvist (both editions), Gill, Brisebois, Komisarek... wow, I could keep on this for a while.

You'd think I only liked hockey for the men. Not true, but I have to admit that having so many good-looking players does make watching the game I love even better. Anyhoo...

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

"should be an excellent production oriented bull prospect"

Yes, it means exactly what you think it means.

Jennifer said...

Who here thinks they should do a beefcake calendar for charity? Just me?

Oh no, NOT just you. I would purchase such an item. I agree, I love the game of hockey, but hot players make it even better.

S.A.M. said...

ooh what a fun game! I jetted over to Sportsquee and there were some.. interesting choices there. LOL I shall have to formulate my list, then I shall post it on my blog.

But if it didn't have to be active NHL-er I'd totally have Pavel Bure front and center. Forever. NO ONE is hotter than him. No one. Alas, he retired 3 years ago. :(


still, that's fun. ;) And woohoo for Paille. I got the text at work yesterday (I love the Sabresalert text messages LOL) and I was like WOOOHOOO! Luckily, the ppl I work with enjoy the Sabres too so it wasn't too weird. that was a smart choice for Buffalo.

Heather B. said...

Goose is undeniably handsome but I don't know, he doesn't really hit me. I think he's just a little too good-looking maybe. So we're clear on the rest of the Sabres: Ryan Miller is goofy-looking, Jason Pominville has a cute personality but doesn't do anything for me looks-wise, I can't ever decided one way or the other on Tim, but Derek is definitely a cute a little fella. Al is okay but not someone I'd go out of my way for and I don't see it with Staffy at all. Toni photographs either really well or really terribly but I think I've finally decided he's probably good-looking in real-life. Weber and Sekera are both terribly awkward-looking in every photo I've seen of them but translate a little better in person. I've seen one amazing picture of Vanek - his black and white Sears portrait - that had me convinced for a long time that he was pretty hot but I don't think he really is. But yes, he has a nice head of hair when he's not reigning it all in. Paille's cute but appears to be 12 which doesn't work for me. In the end, really, Hank and Jochen stand alone with Teppo a step below. But only minus the slicked back hair. He moves a touch into creepy territory when he's sporting that 'do. It's a fine line.

Jennifer, no apologies necessary! I don't care for Malone but that doesn't mean other people can't. That's the power of Squee :-D

I'd probably punch Roenick in the head if I had to talk to him for very long (small doses are fine) but I do think he's reasonably attractive so I guess I would take that as a compliment, Vanek's Hair. Also a very nice head of hair especially for an older guy.

Heather B. said...

Oh, and Nolan Pratt is a doll. I don't know if he'll be back but I'll throw him in there just in case. From certain angles he reminded me of Jay McKee.

S.A.M. said...

My top 10 is on my blog with reasons but here is the rundown.

1. Derek Roy (no surprise there)
2. Ray Whitney
3. Chris Osgood- more cute than hot but I love him anyway
4. Jarome Iglina- he rocks the hot and the cute
5. Henrik Zetterberg
6. Antoine Vermette (the only good thing to come from the Sens LOL)
7. Rusty Klesla
8. Willie Mitchell
9. David Clarkson
10. Jose Theodore

oh yes and I forgot to mention that I read your convo with Katebits about opening night and it was hysterical! well done, well done indeed.

alix said...

That's TOO funny about the Tallinder bulls! Hee.

Good list Heather.

I think I've narrowed mine down to

Patty Marleau
Trev Linden
Sammy Pahlsson
Matthew Lombardi
Kevin Bieksa
Alex Burrows

Dang! I forgot Henrik Zetterberg. Well I guess I'll just have to make my list 11 then. I think it's clear I just need to move to Sweden...

Jennifer said...

Oooo, I forgot Pratt, but I think he's more of a cutie than a hottie. Still nice to look at.

I've always thought Toni's head looked really big in person. But maybe it's just me, but his head looks a little too big for his body.