Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Our Powerplay Blows

I believe whole-heartedly that four of my sixth grade students and I - maybe even with the busted ankle - could put together a better powerplay than the Sabres. What the heck? I know Tim Connolly, Jaroslav Spacek, and Derek Roy are all out, but seriously, is it really that hard? I can't believe they just kept taking slapshot after slapshot after slapshot on the almost full two minute 5 on 3. Guys, they keep blocking the shots... I THINK THEY'RE ON TO YOU! Try something else. Flip a wrister in there. Try to pass the puck in to the net. Attempt to bull your way in and see what happens. I don't know. Something! ANYTHING! All I know is when you find yourself sincerely saying, "Well, atleast we didn't give up a goal!" at the end of a powerplay, things are, as RJ said tonight, "NOT GOOD!"

In the battle of underachievers, we're the winners. Or is that the losers? I don't know. I do know the Sabres just didn't look like they wanted to win that much. Of course, I quit paying close attention about halfway through the third period so maybe I missed something. I didn't? Yeah, I'm not surprised.

Clarke MacArthur going into the crossbar at the end of the game was just the perfect topper. I know he skated off the ice but I'm expecting to see him back in time for the 2010-2011 season. It was just one of those nights.

The best part of my night? Seeing Kate of The Willful Caboose playing her viola behind Drew Stafford in tonight's "Drew Plays the BPO!" feature. You guys, I think she was totally checking him out.


Kate said...

You guys, I think she was totally checking him out.

Good Heavens, no! I'm a professional! :P

Heather B. said...

Kate, I meant you were checking out his musical chops, of course! :-D

Kate said...

Oh, well yes. I was totally checking out his technique.

Grumps said...

10 losses? It's time for a change. Don't know what or who but the team can no longer stand pat. It's embarassing.

Amanda said...

During that 5-on-3 I was screaming, "Move around, it confuses them! Why are you all just standing there like stones? What the hell? Why are you shooting it right at them? Where's the guy in front of the net?"

I think I mentally checked out after that 5-on-3. One can only handle so much misery without going berserk.

Sara and Anne said...

Ha! I saw her too! The Staffy guitar special was basically the highlight of my night.


Sabrebull said...

I knew that was her back there. How convenient you could check his BEHIND out the whole night. That piece was the highlight of the game and how sad was it that they had to get a highlight from last year to put in there to show Stafford getting a goal. So sad.

Our powerplay doesn't just blow, it blows hard. I am pretty sure my English Bulldog, named Sabre BTW, could do a better job on the ice than these guys could. Yes we named him after the team and we tell him every night we should have named you Senator, no matter how much it pains me to say so.
Here's to making the losing streak to 13 to break the record, might as well cheer for something.


Amanda said...

I think we should tank the season and get the Stamkos dude in the draft. We could use him.

Steven Stamkos

2006-07 Sarnia Sting OHL
Games Goals Ass Pts
63 42 50 92

2007-08 Sarnia Sting OHL
34 32 23 55

M.J. said...

I don't know whether to be more
(a) proud of MacArthur and Paille's play
(b) pissed that their enthusiasm is not rubbing off on their older, higher paid *cough vanek cough cough* teammates.

Also whem Clarke went into the crossbar, I swear *I* felt... I think I actually shuddered.

brian s. said...

Here's the kicker about the power play - it's still ranked in the middle of the league efficiency wise. I can't imagine what the ones worse than Buffalo's look like.