Friday, January 4, 2008

Mail Bag Day, Mail Bag Day, Hey,Everybody It's Mail Bag Day!

One of the nice things about being on IR is that people give you stuff. I've gotten more snail mail in the past couple of weeks than in the past couple of years combined and I love snail mail. Don't get me wrong, I love email too. I met Mark on the internet (DC Comics messageboard to be exact) so I appreciate that electronic communication can be genuine and sincere. Still, there's something about opening your mailbox and getting something the old-fashioned way, something cool about someone taking the time to jot a little note, stamp and address an envelope and send it on its way. There's something nice about the physicality of snail mail as opposed to e-mail.

So imagine my delight when I found a card from Kate in my mailbox today. As all of you know from my never-ending whining, Kate was the recipient of the B. Family Ice Bowl tickets after I went down with the ankle injury. Kate has spent the week or so since I offered them to here thanking me incessantly so I wasn't totally surprised to find a nice little card from her.

Awww, how sweet. But wait! What's all this other writing?

Ronan Tynan! He's getting to be like a Buffalo institution so that's pretty cool!

Get well soon... Drew Stafford! Staffy! Sweet! My husband is going to be so jealous! Oh, wait, there's one more scribble down here in the corner...

RYAN MILLER!!!!!! Holy crap, Ryan Miller signed a get well card for me! I kind of fell in love with Ryan on Ice Bowl day - the AMP commercial and him taking a picture of the media horde before his floppy-haired, I-look-like-I'm-wearing-my-dad's-sport-coat postgame press conference all added up to total adorableness. I'll even overlook the lame shootout goal since Gary Bettman obviously did every voodoo dance he could do to ensure that ending. He was probably sticking pins in a Ryan shaped doll. So anyway, I was totally stoked to see "Get well, Ryan Miller" on a card for ME. Have I mentioned that I love blogging? If Bucky Gleason had been unable to attend the Ice Bowl do you think Jerry Sullivan would've had Ryan Miller sign a card for him? I doubt it! (I know journalists aren't supposed to ask athletes for autographs since they have to be all professional and stuff. Just let me go, people! I'm on a roll!) I love blogging and my fellow Buffalo bloggers so much.

Kate, you rock! Thank you a million times over!


Justin said...
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Sharpie said...

I'm starting a conspiracy theory -- the NHL planed the for the Winter Classic to go to a shootout with Crosby scoring the tying goal. The previous game was a dry run, and Miller received a very generous donation to his foundation in exchanged for letting Crosby score. And since it's a conspiracy theory I need no evidence.

Kate said...

Heather, I'm so glad you like the card, but I think you misunderstood! You see, I did almost nothing! I was sitting there, minding my own business at the Ronan Tynan/BPO concert, and Ryan and Drew came running up to me, desperate to find a way to convey their concern to you! I believe Crunchy's exact words were, "I heard the World's Greatest Sabres Blogger, HeatherB has been injured! This is terrible news! Please, will you mail this autographed card on our behalf?" Staffy stood next to him, nodding with concern and waggling his eyebrow at me. I told them that since I happen to have your address, I would be happy to mail the card for them. So, you see, I had very little to do with it! :P

I'm so glad it got to you! I've been having anxiety that it might have gotten lost in the mail.

(I love blogging and bloggers too, Heather. My life has been infinitely more fun since I met all of you guys. And seriously, the Ice Bowl would have been way better had you been there! I bet they would have won. :P)

Heather B. said...

sharpie, the group I was watching the Ice Bowl with came to the same consensus. There's just no other explanation for how that puck seemed to just pop up behind Ryan after he seemed to make the save. Steadfast seems to do good work so I'll let Ryan go on this one. But let's start winning again now, fellas, okay?

Kate, I'm sure Ryan mentioned that Hank was pretty heart-broken I wasn't going to make the game, perhaps too heart-broken to even think of sending a card? You just left that part out, right? It's okay, I know it's late :-D

Kate said...

Oh, Ryan said that Hank had been crying so much that he could no longer even see through his puffy eyes. That's the only reason Hank didn't sign. He didn't want you to detect from his sloppy handwriting that he had been sobbing since he heard the news of your broken ankle.

(Don't you kind of love Crunchy's handwriting? Staffy has messy boy writing, but Crunchy has cool blocky writing that makes me love him even more.)

Meg said...

Too cool! You know you're important when you receive get well cards signed by totally awesome hockey players.

Caitlin said...

OMG! Heather, that is too cool!

Also, if you want some more snail mail, I'm glad to send some your way. ;) Just drop me a line with your address if you want!

Pookie said...


I love how Staffy uses the socially accepted "Get well soon" while Crunchy goes for the imperitive "Get Well" with an implied "NOW!" He's like, "You're not being the best professional blogger you can be -- get well NOW"!

I'm completely entranced by Staffy's capital G. Who makes capital G's like that? It looks so awkwardly wonderful.

Heather B. said...

Caitlin, I sent you an email - I think. Let me know if it doesn't show up. Somebody got an email from me.

Pookie, I almost commented on how Ryan's message seemed more like an order - "Quit whining and DO it already!" - but I thought maybe I was reading too much into it. Glad I'm not alone in my interpretation! :D

Patty (in Dallas) said...

Hockey players are wonderful! Blogger friends! Are WONDERFUL!
(from "Arthur")

Awesome card, Katebits!

zot said...

Heather and Kate, that card is so sweet. And that is totally cool that you met Mark on a DC Comics messageboard. :P

TheTick said...

That card is incredibly cool.