Monday, February 15, 2010

About the Sabres

Hi, there.  Remember me?  Yeah, I barely do too.

So here's the deal.  There are a million things to talk about regarding the Sabres.  What's to blame for the long skid?  Was the San Jose game them getting back on-track or just a blip?  Was their streak really any different or any more concerning than the losing streak teams like the Capitals and the Senators have already gone through?  Are the real Sabres the team that played the first few months of the season or the last month of the season?  Should the Sabres make a move now?  What kind of move?  Is this the season they should go all in and make a big move or should they be cautious and keep an eye on next season or the season after that? 

Here's the problem.  I don't care.

I don't.  I hit the hockey wall weeks ago and then the Sabres started playing like garbage and now I just need a break from them.  I'm glad they went away on a positive note, but I'm glad they're going away so I can miss them.  For the next two weeks I'm not going to think about the Sabres at all.  Even the Sabres Olympians will be thought of as "that slightly crazy US goalie" and "that really handsome Swedish d-man."  I'm planning on blogging in the next two weeks, but it won't be about them.  It'll be about work or school or TV or the Olympics.  (Why do the moguls have those little couches at the bottom?  Why don't ALL the events have them?  How is it possible that a cross-country skier toting a guy can be so amazingly hot?  Forget Apolo, how adorable was the other American speed skater?) 

In two weeks, I'll be refreshed and ready to talk about all the Sabres-related minutiae you could possibly want to hear about, I promise.  Those douchebags better be refreshed too.

My Olympic hockey predictions:

Gold - Sweden
Silver - Canada
Bronze - Russia


dave in Rocha said...

Not that this is horribly related to this post, but it features a Sabre player in the Olympics and praises defensive hockey. It's right up your alley:

kiran said...

You might be right in about this