Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trying to Catch Up

Before I talk about you know, hockey, I just want to quickly answer some FAQs regarding Marlowe. Mark and Marlowe were playing ball in the backyard. Marlowe went airborne - not recommended for large breed puppies but trying telling the puppy that - and landed completely on one leg. It was clear from the loud, heart-rending yelps and cries that she was pretty seriously hurt. She fractured the tibia of a hind leg, right around the shin area. The fracture was serious enough that it required surgery by an orthopedic specialist and Marlowe is now the proud owner of one metal plate, nine screws, and three wire bands. Yep, just like me. In fact, if I walked on all fours, we hurt exactly the same leg. Mark is considering some of kind of voodoo to ensure that he isn't next. Anyway, the surgery was successful, the doctor said it should heal very well and because of her young age, Marlowe shouldn't suffer from any aftereffects. With the exception of bathroom breaks and 3-5 minute walks every couple of hours, poor pooch is confined to her crate for the next 8 weeks. She's done okay with it so far but for the humans in the house, I think 3 days has already seemed like forever. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes.

Wallowing in misery, pre-surgery.

Snuggling up, post-surgery.

-- So I picked the Penguins in 7. Whoops. I'm pretty surprised with how things have gone so far. The Penguins, even in the close series they played early in the playoffs, just looked very focused and business-like. They're a more balanced team than they were last season and Evgeni Malkin was playing better than he was at this point a year ago. I really thought increased maturity and the experience of playing in the Finals last year would push them past Detroit in a close, hard-fought series. But it turns out the Red Wings are really, really good at hockey. Maybe Pittsburgh can still make it close but I don't see Detroit choking away a 2 game lead. They're too experienced and too level for that. No panic in them anywhere.

-- I know it was a big issue for some of the people involved but I loved the back-to-back to open the series. Has Mike Babcock stopped complaining about it yet? No?

-- How awesome would it be to have a Henrik Zetterberg on your team? Someone who can put the puck in the net but who can also be relied on to play very well against the opposition's top line. That's amazing. We should find someone like that. Surely those guys are just lying around waiting to be signed.

-- It feels like FOREVER since I've watched the Sabres play but I have to admit, I do not miss them at all yet. In fact, I anxiously await the opening of trading season. Let's dump some of these losers.

-- Watched some of Tyler Myers on the ol' telly. He really is pretty impressive. At prospect camp I was already amazed at how well he skated for such a tall guy especially since, from what I understand, he'd sprouted really quickly and suddenly so he hadn't had that body for very long yet. I'm kind of torn on him playing in Buffalo next season. As good as he looked, it was very clear that the game he was playing this season is nowhere as fast or strong as the NHL level so I think it might be a mistake to expect him to jump right in without missing a beat. Just because some 19-year-olds have had immediate success in the league, it doesn't mean they all will and most of those 19-year-olds were forwards, not defensemen. If fans are really willing to watch him and all the other kids learn on the job with an eye on being better in the couple of years after this one, that's great. But I question how many people who are saying they'd be happy with that are actually going to be happy if and when they struggle. Should be interesting. That said, Myers not being eligible to play in Portland is definitely a bit of a catch-22 and if he's done all he can do in juniors, I can understand the temptation to move him right to Buffalo. I'd love nothing more than for him to jump in and take over.

I'm pretty sure that should be two or three paragraphs. Sorry.

-- I've been thinking about this a lot and talking about it with some friends and as much as I dislike some things about Versus' hockey coverage, there is nothing on Versus that even comes close to the dreadfulness of Pierre McGuire and Mike Milbury's intermission shtick on NBC. They are awful and I think they might even make each other MORE awful.

-- This is going way back but I never got around to blogging it then. I had quite a laugh at Pierre being offended by Brian Campbell calling someone else's hit gutless because Campbell has an "UNBELIEVABLE HISTORY" of making those kinds of hits himself. And then they showed the one vicious hit Campbell has made IN HIS ENTIRE CAREER! One hit makes for a history? Really, Pierre? Gosh, I can't imagine why Minnesota passed on you for the GM position.


Katebits said...

he has to live in the crate for EIGHT WEEKS?! Poor, Marlowe.

karen said...

Stick the rubber cover on him and take him out in the sprinkler on hot days... :)

Poor puppy! Poor you! If it helps to know, we had a very large black lab puppy with a similar injury when I was growing up and he healed fine - went on to many happy years as a hunting dog. Still, it's heartbreaking to know how much the poor dog is hurting. I hope he feels better soon!

k.m.stiles said...

oh my goodness, your poor puppy! he looks absolutely adorable in those photos. hope all goes well in the next 8 weeks.

Vanek's Hair said...

I hope Marlowe gets better soon!

I agree that Babcock whining was unbecoming. I also like the back to back nights. Why not mix that in a little more in the playoffs.

Also, my condolences on the trade of Nate McClouth.

Heather B. said...

Karen, that is good to hear! The doc said she heal up just fine but it's always nice to hear success stories. (I just came across your stuff while unpacking the last few boxes so if you still want it back PLEASE email me. And please accept my eternal apologies!)

VH, I'd love to see more back-to-backs. I thought it was fun. Thanks for the condolences on Nate. I'm actually in the middle of writing a post about that. I'm bummed but not distraught.

karen said...

Don't worry about sending the cast covers back if it's a bother. I'm playing this season and also assistant coaching my kids' Squirt team, so *fingers crossed* that I won't need them again! I'll be calling you up, if I do. :)

Anonymous said...

Where did you get that Simpsons meme?

CriminallyVu1gar said...

I like how when I googled the sarcasm detector pic, the first hit was your blog.