Thursday, June 25, 2009

Draft Day Thoughts

Keeping in mind that I don't know anything about these kids that I haven't read in a magazine or seen on TV...

If I'm the Islanders and I have a choice between a very good but probably not Crosby/Malkin-level forward and a stud defenseman, I'm taking the stud defenseman every time. I think that kind of player is much harder to come by and should be grabbed when he's in front of you. I know the Islanders need a good PR pick as much as anything and in that case, John Tavares probably is splashier, but I'd take Victor Hedman. You know, in case Garth Snow is reading this. Or in case the Sabres package the entire roster for the number one pick.

I have no idea who the Sabres will pick but Zack Kassian is the name that I've seen attached to us the most in mock drafts. The Hockey News Draft Preview quotes a scout who compares him to Milan Lucic in which case, yes, please I'll take him. (Of course, it also quotes someone saying that his playoff performance was disappointing because the passion didn't seem to be there in which case, please God, no, we need lack of passion about as much as we need another teeny-tiny forward.)

On a totally different note, there's now a "Follow Me on Twitter" badge on the right sidebar. Yes, I did once declare that I would never follow anyone on Twitter because it was stupid but I was wrong, okay? I kind of love it even if a number of my friends spent the evening laughing at Hank's trade value. I'm really excited to have it cued up during the draft tomorrow. There was a Pirates feed that was absolutely nuts during the MLB draft a few weeks ago. This guy was posting all their picks and then almost immediately linking scouting reports, video, interviews, all kinds of goodies. I'm hoping we'll get some good stuff like that for the NHL draft too. Anyway, if you're not following me and you're so inclined, please do. If you're following me and I didn't follow you in return feel free to give me a poke. I either didn't recognize your name or I couldn't tell if you were just trying to show me SEXY BRITNEY VIDS! or not.

One more day of work, one more day of work, one more day of work...

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