Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Thank god I never have to hear "Cam Ward has never lost a playoff series before!" ever again. I mean, yes, he won the Stanley Cup and yes, that is very impressive and yes, I'm super jealous. But that's the only season he played in the playoffs until this season. When a large part of what's preserving that shiny perfect record is not making the playoffs at all, maybe we could tone down the hyperbole a bit. Maybe we should hold off on throwing around IN HIS ENTIRE CAREER! stats until we have a larger sample size. Just a thought.

One of my least favorite superstitions is not touching the Conference championship trophy so I was glad to see Sidney Crosby try to shake things up by touching it. I'm disappointed they didn't go all the way and carry around over their heads while wooooooing and celebrating.

I think I'm cheering for the Penguins. Go figure. More on that later.


Lee Andrew said...

You know who hasn't ever lost a playoff series before? Me. Also, every member of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Jonathan said...

The Sabres have never lost a game in which Derek Roy was trying hard.

Sorry I couldn't resist that one.