Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some thoughts on the second round:

- The Vancouver Canucks are very talented but suuuuper boring. I hope they don't win. I'm not super attached to Chicago - they're fine, whatever - but I'd much rather them move on than the Canucks.

- I'm not a huge fan of the Caps OR the Pens. I'd like to see both of them eliminated immediately. But I gotta tell you, if you told me that one of these teams had a reputation for whining, based on this series, I'd tell you it was the Caps. They've complained about the officiating, the ice, the scheduling, the CBC. And it's EVERYBODY. The players, the coach, the GM, the owner. Even when they were winning they were complaining about something. Get a grip. Poor ice and back-to-backs affect both teams. The CBC hardly revealed any big secrets - be better on special teams and don't give Crosby and Malkin space are hardly new methods. And bad officiating happens. Bad officiating hasn't made Mike Green and Alexander Semin practically invisible (who's overrated now, Alex?). That's not the result of bad officiating, that's the result of sucking. Sorry, Caps it really is as simple as the Penguins playing better than you for the majority of the series.

- I don't really understand people saying Ovechkin's hit on Sergei Gonchar was "reckless" but not "dirty." What exactly is the difference between the two? I suppose I understand people arguing that he wasn't intentionally going for Gonchar's knee but he did absolutely stick his leg out into the path of a guy who was otherwise going to evade him. I don't think "unintentional" and "dirty" are mutually exclusive. I mean... I'm glad he felt bad and all but hey, maybe you should stay on your feet and keep your legs out of other people's way, you know? I'm not the least bit surprised Ovechkin didn't get more than two minutes or fined or suspended but Versus sucks for refusing to even discuss whether it was a dirty shot. Man up, Versus. And also, show a friggin' replay once in a while.

- No really good commercials this postseason. I was a big fan of the wrestling Abraham Lincoln spot that popped up during the regular season but it doesn't seem to have carried over. There are a few I hate though. If I ever meet the annoying lady in the Progressive spots, I might punch her in the nose. Psychic this, girlie! I hate the add where the little boy with the pine box car manages to both do his best AND win first prize. Come on, that's a cop out. And I refuse to believe that an entire family wouldn't realize they were in their own house much less in an Italian restaurant even if they are blindfolded. Come on. You'd recognize some little noise - the sound your door makes, the hum of your refrigerator, your AC, SOMETHING. And a restaurant?! There are NO OTHER PEOPLE THERE! How in the WORLD does it sound like a restaurant? Also, bull riders of the world, I am not impressed that you don't wear helmets. I think that's pretty stupid actually.

- I haven't really watched a ton of hockey outside of the Pens-Caps series. I've been sitting on the couch with hockey on a lot - even all the late games - but I'm still having a hard time getting involved. It's not the lack of Sabres at least not completely. I was totally hooked into the playoffs last season. But I don't know, it's been mostly background this year. I've been reading through a lot of it. More on that later, I think.

- You know what, I can't pretend to not be disappointed and bothered by the whole steroids thing. I know many, if not most, fans have long moved into just not caring but I do. And Manny Ramirez being involved in it well, that one really gets me for some reason. (Also, I'm pretty sure I took that same drug as an injection during my infertility travails. I'd have to double-check. Manny, I didn't get pregnant either.)


Jonathan said...

My fiancee totally agrees with you on that Pizza Hut Commercial. I just go, oooo pasta.

They are all actors, very bad actors.

Lee Andrew said...

The worst part of the steroids story is the amount of times we've said "Canseco was right." He said this past offseason that Manny was definitely using PED's. I think we should just let Canseco guess the 104 names on the list, he'd probably get 90 or so right.

ElmaGolf said...

I think we should just let Canseco guess the 104 names on the list, he'd probably get 90 or so right.And the 10% or so he got wrong would be those who got to him and offered him something (yeah, I'm looking at you, Roger!).

I guess I'd say..

If Canseco claims your on - he's 90% likely to be right.

If he emphatically asserts you're not - he's 95% likely to be lying.

And once again, Heather articulates my inner voice. I was wondering how sensory deprived you'd have to be to not know you're in your own house.

I'm waiting for the hidden caamera outtakes when one of the customers flips out over the Pizza Hut switch.

amy said...

I don't like the Danica Patrick "I've been racing for 18 years and I deserve respect" commercial. I don't think she realizes that one does not automatically deserve respect on the track, one earns it.

I do like the Dominos commercials told from the ceramic bowl point of view, but think the product shots of the pasta bowls are disgusting.

The Manny situation is just an embarrassment to the league and the Dodgers. It's one thing if a player was reported to be juicing before MLB had a clear testing policy, but it's clearly another when a player is caught now. He definitely owes his teammates and the fans an apology.