Sunday, May 17, 2009

Conference Final Thoughts.

I slept almost all afternoon so I missed all of the hockey game (I think I'm fighting something off due to all the little kids sneezing and coughing ALL OVER ME ALL WEEK). I heard it was a good game until the third though and that's kind of how I expect the series to be on a whole. Chicago hanging in there for a while before Detroit's age and experience and talent really kicks in and they pull away. I would be very happy if the Blackhawks pulled it off but I'm okay with Detroit too. I find something very comforting in their almost unerring execution. My official pick is Wings in 6 but I won't be shocked if it's Wings in 5.

As for the Eastern Conference ugh, I don't care. It's probably a pretty good match-up but I'm not super high on either team. I was pulling for Pittsburgh to beat Washington because I hate the Caps and I think it's ridiculous the way the popular opinion has swung so hard toward Ovechkin and against Crosby, but I don't particularly LOVE the Penguins. I hate the Hurricanes. If I have to cheer for someone I guess it's Pittsburgh. I think they'll win it in seven. I'm hoping that some time before the series is over Versus will let us know if the Staal on Pittsburgh and the Staal on Carolina are related in some way.

I can't decide if it would be really interesting or really boring to see a rematch of last year's finals.

Hopefully I manage to not get sick this week and get some thoughts up about Phoenix, Souther Ontario and relocation.

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