Monday, October 15, 2007

Worst Post Ever?

Mark and I went to the game the night Andrew Peters' playlist was played. I have a couple of bones to pick with this whole playlist thing. First of all, I don't remember half of these songs being played. I'm a Believer? Don't remember it. Where the Streets Have No Name? Don't remember it and my U2 sensor is a finely tuned instrument. Would You Go With Me? Nope, and I always notice when they play country music, especially good country music. Heck, I don't even remember Sweet Caroline and I know I would because I'm one of those stupid people who sings along. We did get stuck in line at the gift shop for the first five minutes or so of the second period but I find it hard to believe that I missed all of those songs especially since Sweet Caroline always gets played toward the end of the game. Second of all, this is not every song that was played during the game. You can pretend what you want HSBC music guys, I know I heard Unskinny Bop. (I remember because I turned to Mark and said, "Unskinny Bop?" to which he responded, "Definitely a Peters' selection.") Also, it's "Monkees" not "Monkeys." Honestly.

I also noticed that someone in the Sabres' organization needs some punctuation lessons. I'm not a big fan of the jumbotron encouraging the crowd to cheer in the first place (I get the concept, thanks) but it really bothers me that it says, "LET'S GO. BUFFALO." Theoretcially, "Let's go" is a complete thought and a period would be fine there if that was the end of the thought. But it's not! You've got "Buffalo" just dangling out there all by itself. I'm not a big fan of the exclamation point (long story) but even that would work here since you are ideally yelling it very loudly. But that period smack in the middle of the phrase? I don't like it. The ad for Sabres text message reports suffers from the same poor punctuation. "YOUR SABRES. DELIVERED." I think they're probably going for a dramatic pause in the middle - YOUR SABRES... DELIVERED! - but it just looks stupid written the way it is. Periods are not for pauses, people, they're for full stops.

But maybe it's just me. I'm sensitive about these things. I bought the Rick Jeanneret "NOW DO YOU BELIEVE?" t-shirt last season but instead of a question mark at the end it has a period: "NOW DO YOU BELIEVE." I would catch sight of the period while I was wearing the shirt and then I was completely fixated on it. I'd keep looking at it, thinking, "Why isn't there a question mark there? That sentence is clearly a question." And now I hardly ever wear that shirt.

And now, since this post has already gone completely off the rails, I present HEATHER B's ARENA PLAYLIST. (There are 40 or so home games and only 20 something guys on the team so I figure it's just a matter of time before Darcy starts calling all the local bloggers for their playlists.)

I Will Follow - U2
Even Better Than the Real Thing - U2
(I whole-heartedly approve of U2 but let's get out of the Vertigo rut we all seem to be stuck in.)
You Better You Bet - The Who
Papa Gene's Blues - The Monkees
I Want it All - Queen
(Not my favorite Queen song - that would be Somebody to Love - but this seems more fitting for a sporting event.)
MMMBop - Hanson
(Yes, I picked it, yes, I admit it.)
Rough and Ready - Trace Adkins
Enter Sandman - Metallica
(Probably a sports arena cliche at this point, but hey, I love it.)
Fighter - Christina Aguilera
Hey Jealousy - Gin Blossoms

If you're wondering where all the cool, hip music is, well, I don't listen to that garbage. Ha! I will say that I did this off the top of my head and as soon as I hit "Publish Post" I'm going to think of much better songs. (Edited to add: I knew it. I already want to sub in Def Leappard's Pour Some Sugar on Me and Rhett Miller's Four-Eyed Girl.)

Seriously, is this the worst post anyone's ever written on a hockey blog? I should just delete it, shouldn't I? I'll leave with you with a link to a real post, one that made me giggle pretty hard. This comes courtesy of Barry Melrose Rocks: Daniel Briere Finally Understands Teamwork.


Gambler said...

Heather, McErlain would so be on your ass for this post! I hope you weren't (gasp!) wearing a jersey while you typed it.

I love the song suggestions, though, particularly "Hey Jealousy." What, you have "MMMBop," but no love for "Get Your Head In The Game" from High School Musical? I think I would never stop laughing.

Meg said...

Linkin Park, Papa Roach, and Nickleback on Peters's playlist? I think that a musical intervention is necessary there.

LeeAndrew said...

Every sports team needs to play at least one Guns N Roses song. "Welcome to the Jungle", "Paradise City", "live and Let Die", I mean come on!