Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

If I could take a moment to share a personal, mostly non-hockey related note... I would just like to wish my husband Marky Mark a happy anniversary. That's right, eight years ago today we were united in holy matrimony. I wrote a little bit about our relationship and how hockey has played a part in it in the entry Love and Marriage: Hockey Style! so I won't repeat myself now.

But here's a little bit about Mark. I decided it would be really cool to take a picture of us in our styling jerseys (me: vintage Tallinder, him: slugified Stafford) to post along with this entry. But I got this idea around 11:00 last night when he was trying desperately to go to bed. Instead of complaining or insisting that it wait until morning, he dutifully pulled his jersey on and then stood around while I tried to figure out where I could place the camera so that it would capture the photo.

Sit in this chair. That's not gonna work, all I can see is the top of your head.
Try standing up. Nope, all I can see is the slug.
Ooh, maybe if I put the camera here, it'll work. Nope, still a little too low. Hey, do you know of a book about this thick? Then it would be perfect.
Wait, that one's too thick.

And even when I found the right height (for the curious: the spice rack, DC Comics Encyclopedia, and two of the big Harry Potter books), the dance continued.
Crap, I forgot my glasses. I look stupid without them.
No, that one was really blurry. I think I moved the spice rack when I hit the timer button.
Ugh. Terrible.

Through it all, Mark remained calm, collected, and extremely patient.

Okay, so everyone has his breaking point.

Happy anniversary, buddy!


Kate said...

Hee. Happy Anniversary, guys! This post is adorable!

Mark B said...

When we got married my young nephew created a cute award printout on his computer and it said: "Uncle Mark. Congratulations on your wedding!" Until that point, I didn't know it was a solo achievement. After that, I was quite proud of myself.

In the spirit of that award, Congratulations, Heather Ms. Top Shelf on your anniversary! God knows you've earned it, buddy!

Courtney said...

awww. Happy annniversary you guys!!!

Interchangeable Parts said...

Happy Anniversary, Mark and Heather!

Sherry said...

This is certainly more than a couple of days late but you guys are absolutely adorable. Happy belated anniversary!