Saturday, October 27, 2007

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

I would like to give out an official Top Shelf thumbs up to Steve, hands down the best CSM at the grocery store where I work, for piping the radio in the manager's office through the speaker of the phone at my register last night so I could listen to the game. It was probably technically not allowed, but Steve is cool like that. Steve, this is why you're my favorite. (Note to other CSMs: Yes, it really is as simple as letting me listen to the Sabres at work.)

I would also like to give a Top Shelf thumbs down to Brett, the cashier who came back from his break, and without asking me or even informing me, switched the radio to the phone at his register because god forbid someone else listen to the game, especially a girl. Okay, he didn't say anything about me being a girl but he did try to be all cute and funny about it. So for the record, Brett, not cute. Not cute at all. What really annoyed me though is this: I went out to my car to listen to the end of the game while on my break and got there just in time to hear Daniel Paille score his shortie. I'm all excited because I'm thinking we finally tied the game up and then I learn the score is 4-2! So not only did Brett commandeer the game broadcast, he failed to let me know that we tied the game and then took the lead even though, hello! I WAS LISTENING TO THE GAME. Most people would take that as a sign that I might be interested in what's happening. Boys are so dumb sometimes.

Anyway... I heard the second intermission and a couple of minutes at the beginning and end of the third period. I don't really know how the game was so we'll just say that it was great. We won. That's good, right?

The last couple of years Mark and I have taken his mom to a Sabres game for her birthday and we realized today that we accidentally bought tickets to a game that I already had tickets to with my buddies from work. (I don't want to point any fingers but it was totally not my fault.) Mark is currently on the phone with his mom trying to decide who they should give my ticket to and he just said, "Yeah, she's going to go with her friends because she likes them more than us." Husbands.

I would definitely miss not being able to see games on TV if I were in that situation, but I love listening to the game on the radio during my breaks. I lean the driver's seat way back, close my eyes, and block out everything but Rick Jeanneret. The word "soothing" doesn't really seem to fit RJ's boisterous, excitable style, but that's what it is.

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