Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Doesn't My Employer Know it's Schedule Day?!

Why I Love Hockey #12 - Schedule Day
Schedule Day is now officially one of my favorite days of the year. Is that a little bit pathetic? Perhaps. But I love the excitement it brings. Look, there's a new schedule! That means that hockey is coming again! It means everyone gets a fresh start. It's time to put all the disappointments of the past season - the bewilderingly bad power play, the lackluster playoff performances, the free agency losses - behind us and look to the future with the hope that this time - this time! - it's going to be different. Right now the season ahead is unwritten and every fan can imagine for herself how it's going to go. Thomas Vanek is going to live up to that big fat contract. The young players left behind are going to play with fire and determination. Brian Campbell is going to sign an extension and wear a letter on his chest. The team is going to prove the naysayers wrong and make the playoffs and maybe - just maybe - they'll finally go all the way. Some of that might not happen. Heck, none of it may happen. But the point is, right now it all could because it's a brand new day. Technically, it was a new day the second last season ended. But now with the map for the next season laid out before us, it's official.

I love printing out the schedule and poring over it, looking for little stories and interesting things. Oh, we play the Sharks! Bummer, it's in San Jose. Too bad, I would've loved to have gone to that game. We don't play the Rangers at home until February. Guess by then we'll know if they're playoff bound or struggling to force all those free agents together in a unit. The Flyers are in town just before Christmas. Does Danny get booed or cheered? And is it possible to boo Danny while cheering Marty? Marty! First month or so of the season looks pretty light which works out well for the team. I have faith in the kids but anything to help them get their feet under them is a good thing. And squeeeeeee! Jay McKee is coming home - if he's not on IR that is.

The husband and I are getting a mini-pack this season, probably five games again. I've been trying to talk him up to ten but we are trying to pay off our debt so he wants to do the responsible thing. (Boooo!) We're definitely doing the potentional Ice Bowl game on the first of the year. I love outdoor sporting events during Buffalo winters and it sounds like such an awesome experience. Plus I really wanted to see the Penguins this season so that works out well. And we're definitely going to the St. Louis game and I hope Jay stays healthy that long because otherwise we're stuck watching... well, St. Louis. Everything else is up in the air though. I really wanted to see Marty's return to Buffalo but now that Danny's in the mix, I don't know. I'm not sure how he's going to be welcomed and I'm not into booing returning players so it'll bum me out if that's the response he gets. We'll probably throw a Senators game in there while avoiding Toronto like the plague. The home opener is always fun. And it might be cool to see Detroit. Those Western Conference teams don't get over here often and there's no telling how much longer Lidstrom will be around. And oh, there's Dom! If he doesn't chicken out and make the backup play that is.

Is it time for training camp yet?!


Gambler said...

This is my first real year experiencing schedule day, and I have to say it's quite exciting. It's pretty much all up to chance, which Sabres games I'm going to be seeing this season (depends on which of my dad's office-shared season tickets will belong to us, and when I'm home from school), but I get to figure out which Wild game I want to go to out in Minnesota. I was really hoping they'd be playing the Sabres, but no dice. Maybe I'll just choose to cheer them on against the Wings, or something, instead.

I haven't had a chance to take in the schedule as a whole yet, but a home-and-home with the Isles doesn't seem like a bad way to start out. Hopefully that'll give us two wins and an ego-boost to start out the season right!

And since I now have a concrete date to wish for, I can say: Is it October 5th yet?

LeeAndrew said...

Man, I want to go to the Sharks game too.

brian s. said...

I was just excited to see that they're playing in Tampa on a Saturday so I don't have to take off work to drive the 3 hours to see them.

Kate said...
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Kate said...

I whipped myself into a happy frenzy on Schedule Day, but now I have Post-Schedule Day let down. October 5th is like, two years away!


Nia said...

Good post.