Friday, October 8, 2010

Starting With a Clean Slate

Okay, I had this whole thing about how I wasn't really into the preseason and how seeing this ad over on Shots Off the Crossbar really got me pumped up, but I was catching up on school work all week and didn't get around to finishing this post and now the preseason is over, the real season is here, and everyone and their dog has tweeted this ad. But watch it anyway. More thoughts after the video.

I freaking LOVE this ad.  I have a thing about seeing players out of their uniforms and I love watching them do weirdly precise little training drills so both of those things appeal to me.  But really what I love is that glaring, screw you toss at the camera at the end.  It's such a simple thing but it really delivers an emotional punch.  I've watched this ad at least fifteen times since I first saw it at SOtC, and I'm now officially pumped.  Bring on the real hockey!

In other news...

In an effort to have fun this season, I've decided that Derek Roy and I are starting with a clean slate. For those who haven't been reading Top Shelf since its inception, here's a brief history of my relationship with Derek: First I loved him. Then I loved him but felt a little bad about it. Then I hated him but felt a little bad about it. Then I hated him.

My anger with Derek is not based on the fact that I think he's untalented. It's based on the fact that I think he's far more talented than we've seen. Somewhere along the way that little pest who buzzed around the ice like he was attached to a motor turned into a lazy, disinterested veteran. He's a player who could be great - or at the very least, very good - but who seems content to be pretty good. He was a big fish in a little pond and that was good enough for him. That drove me freaking CRAZY.

But I've been reminded that he is good at hockey. And he does produce every season. And well, if we traded him for a bag of pucks like I've sometimes suggested, it would be quite a hit to the team since bags of pucks are, as far as I know, not very good at playing center. Once upon a time, I loved Derek Roy. And you know what? I kind of miss loving Derek Roy. So I'm going to try again. Maybe this experiment will be futile. Maybe Derek and I have just outgrown each other. But maybe we've both grown up in the last year. Maybe we're both ready to try again. I'm beginning the season with my heart open to the possibility of being at peace with Derek again.



Vanek's Hair said...

I am totally with you on Derek Roy. I swear about him a lot and it is because he is supremely talented. I don't like his constant barking at officials, lazily skating off on line changes, etc. I had a conversation with a friend who defended him by saying he is a consistent 60 point scorer. I responded by saying "Exactly. But he has 80 point talent."

Hankmeister said...

Hallo Heather!
I do not know when you made it (sometime after black days of summer?) but I like really blog's new color scheme. Finally no longer gives me headache, so I read it again.
Th th tha thanks! I will drop now and then when time is good.
ANd good call on Roy star in tonight opener (can he keep going all season and playoffs...?) But of course I must still kick his arse when we play.
Your pal in exile,

Heather B. said...

Hank, my Devils fans friends weren't very happy with you tonight. I told them to zero in on your dimples in those situations. Feel free to kick Derek's arse. That kid needs to be kept in line. Drop by often!