Thursday, October 21, 2010

All Is Right With the World Again

The Sabres had me worried there for a few games, but Tyler Myers finally looked good and scored a goal, Tyler Ennis scored a goal, AND Thomas Vanek scored a goal.  I can only draw one conclusion from this: The Sabres ARE going to win the Stanley Cup after all.  (As long as they play all of their remaining games on the road.)

I know that Thomas Vanek drives some people crazy - even Mark finally said a couple of nights ago that he was starting to lose patience with him - but I don't know, I just never quite get to that point with him.  Logically speaking, I know that we need him to be better than he often is, that really, the offense goes as he goes, but he's such a sweet little headcase that I never work up much anger toward him.  I just feel badly for him.  One of my favorite little things about hockey is that relieved "Hallelujah, I scored a goal!" expression that every player has after a drought-breaking goal, and Vanek has one of the very best in the business.  If you look closely, you can see the weight lifting off him.  His posture actually improves a little bit.  It's cute.  Now just keeping shooting the heck out of the puck, Thomas.  Please.

For the record, my second favorite expression of last night was Jochen Hecht's tiny little "You can say that wasn't a goal if you want, REFS" grin and shake of the head.   Jochen has the best tiny grins in the league.  If you're not looking for them, you can easily miss them, but if you catch them, they're pretty darn cute.

A few weeks ago I mentioned a sketch card auction that my big brother Chris was taking part in as part of Goalies Against Cancer.  All the cards, some his, some from others, are now available for bidding.  You can check them out on eBay.  All proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  There are a couple of Ryan Miller cards available and you know how Ryan feels about cancer research so feel free to go out there and spend some money!

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