Tuesday, March 2, 2010


For those wanting to keep up on all the crazy goings-on, the Goose's Roost boys and a bunch of other Buffalo bloggers will be chatting all day. In addition to their glorious commentary, they'll also be aggregating all the must read Twitter feeds from people like Mirtle, Puck Daddy, the TSN guys, and Bucky Gleason. Just kidding, Bucky's Twitter will probably never ever be used again. If you want to jump in and check it out, you can enter below. I won't be contributing for most of the day because of this little job I have to go to, but I'll be excitedly trying to catch up when I get home.

A few quick words about the trade deadline. Despite my crankiness on Twitter during the game tonight, I have to admit that when I read this little blurb on Sabres Edge about Darcy Regier, I came away thinking he's mostly right. There aren't a lot of players other than rentals being offered and none of the rentals are particularly exciting. We can all agree that the Sabres need a sure-thing goal scorer and a power play QB, but where are those guys? Not on the block it seems. There are few sellers and a lot of buyers and while Darcy doesn't say this, that means players are probably going to cost more than they should. There will be better players available in the off-season (Tomas Kaberle, for example, can be traded anywhere if the Leafs don't make the playoffs) and those players are more likely to make an impact beyond June.

I also think that Darcy is right when he implies that this isn't the year to go big. Ryan Miller is having a great season, and everyone's high from the Olympics, but he's 29 and just entering his prime. He should have more great seasons. (Though don't get me wrong, I have worried all season that this is going to be his career best year. If there's any major worry I have, it's that one.) Tyler Myers is a just-turned 20 rookie. There really is a lot of talent in - yes, I'm going to say it - Portland. Darcy doesn't come out and say this, but I get the feeling management is surprised the Sabres are sitting in such a good spot right now. I think they expected this to happen next season. While on one hand, it really makes sense to take advantage of that spot, on the other hand I'm still struggling with whether this team is really good enough for one of the rental players being bandied about to make that much difference. There's no Hossa out there right now.

Don't get me wrong, I want a shake-up. I want at least one of the top 6 forwards switched out, and I'll gladly exchange more than that. But I don't need it to happen right this second. I want Derek Roy outta town, but I don't want him out for a non-playoff team's spare parts. If something happens today, fabulous, I'll probably be excited. It's always fun when there's something to talk about. But I share the feeling that today is not necessarily the best day to continue building a team which is what, like it or not, the Sabres are still doing. If we start next season look at the same mugs in the top 6 well, then check in with me again.

All right, here's the chat box. No matter how I re-size it the words are still all off-centered, but when I open the box everything looks okay. If you jump in and it doesn't work, check out The Goose's Roost instead. That link should take you right to the chat.

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