Saturday, July 25, 2009

Time for Bills Training Camp!

Bills training camp! Wooooooooo! After much thought and studying, here are my hard-hitting thoughts about the Bills going into camp...

What the HECK is up with their HAIR?

Paul Posluszny! You sir, are a good-looking guy! Trim that crap up! I can barely see your face. Leave a little length, that's fine. I do like your wavy curls. But this is a mess.

Trent Edwards, this interview really made me question your preparation for this season. You're QB 1, man! In the NFL! There are only so many spots for doofy-looking QBs and I think the Manning brothers are using both of them. You're the face of the team! The one who's gonna get all the camera time! You are far too good-looking for this haircut. Honestly, WHAT are you thinking?

There is good news. One, Poz has shown in the past the ability to get his hair at exactly the most attractive length and two, Trent's mom evidently hates his current hair style. But really, these guys are both entering their third year in the NFL. I expect better things from them.


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Love it!!!

This post made me smile. : )

Mark B said...

I hate to move away from the hair discussion, but in this interview with Trent he mentioned the long grind of the season, training camp, 16 regular season games and then very matter of factly mentioned the four games that follow that.

I had to rewind and listen to it twice since it sounded so natural but was kind of shocking since we haven't made the darned playoffs in ten years.

I loved it - Trent still has to prove he is the guy, but I love his natural leadership and confidence. It always seemed a little forced by J.P. and the other QB's that followed Jim when they started crowing about playoffs, but for Trent it seems to be his own winning personality.

Good stuff!

Heather B. said...

Mark, I like that attitude a lot too. But I am telling you now, he is NOT winning the Super Bowl with that haircut. His teammates should hold him down and bring back the brush cut.

Katebits said...

Heather, I comPLETEly agree. Trent Edwards is getting NO WHERE with that haircut.

I find myself surprisingly excited about the prospect of football.

Lee Andrew said...

That haircut makes Trent look like he belongs in an episode of CHiPs.

If the NFL has all the doofy guys they can handle then Matthew Stafford has no shot at making the NFL.

joe said...

I was thinking the same thing to be honest, Trent looks like hes from the group the monkey's..and poz looks like he just came from woodstock or surfing

Anonymous said...

I for love "The Poz's hair" Got to love the He-man/Tarzan hair with the "Conan The barbarian" body. He is as big as a brick house and as hot as a hot house! The Bill's will be even more exciteing this season with Poz running around the field!!