Sunday, April 26, 2009


I'm annoyed by the NFL Draft. We were out and about buying furniture yesterday during much of the draft so I had the pleasure (and by pleasure, I actually mean the opposite of pleasure) of listening to the proceedings on WGR. I'd be willing to bet a large amount of money that most of the people who were calling in to complain about the Bills not selecting Brian Orakpo or Everette Brown haven't seen either of those kids play a single, solitary second of football outside of highlights during draft previews. So shut it, WNY.

Other things that bother me:

- Jeremy White. I don't listen to WGR very much but is he capable of having a conversation with people? Or does he just shrilly talk over them all the time?

- Pierre McGuire and Mike Milbury's intermission shtick. Who decided these guys were entertaining? I'm particularly annoyed by the bit where they pretend to be the coaches. NBC is making Versus look good.

- Danica Patrick. Whether the hockey is on Versus or NBC, she's there. That Versus commercial makes me want to punch her in the face. Yeah, yeah, you're real tough. Shut up.

- Not enough of Calgary-Chicago and Jersey-Carolina, two of the best series in the first round, being broadcast so that I can see them. Next year, Center Ice.

- The phrase "Goalie X pitched a shut-out." I get what it means, of course, but I don't know, it grates on me. Maybe I'm against the mixing of sports. I think it's because while a pitcher is being active and putting the ball in play, a goalie is reacting which is kind of the opposite of pitching. I might be thinking about this one too hard.

- First round sweeps. Booooooooooooo!

- People who hold up the line at Wilson Farms while buying a million different lottery tickets and games especially in the morning. Seriously, you can't do that at a time when everyone isn't stopping on their way to work? Enjoy that $2 you win, schmuck

- People who hold up the line forever while digging around in their purse or wallet or any number of pockets looking for the exact change. If you don't want the coins, dump 'em in the donation thing and move on.

- Writers, professional and amateur, who use resign and re-sign interchangeably. I know the hyphen is going out of style and I'm fine with that, but in this case, not only are you changing the meaning of the word, you're using a word that's kind of the opposite of what you're trying to say. Stop doing that.

- Drivers who don't wave when I let them pull out or over in front of me. Courtesy wave, people. Not that hard.

- People who use fake real names on message boards and in chats. Yeah, maybe once in a while that guy posting as Tom Golisano gets a real zinger in. Usually not so much.

- "Coming up on this episode of The Amazing Race..." Why, pray tell, Amazing Race, would I want to know what's going to happen during the episode that I'm about to watch? And while we're here, why aren't you in HD? You are crying out to be shown in HD.

- Twitter. No, I do not want to follow you on Twitter. That goes for all of you.

Totally unrelated, the Pirates beat the Padres today, putting them in sole possession of the NL wild card. I'm petitioning the league to start the playoffs tomorrow as soon as I finish here. Not only are the Pirates playing .500 ball, they're playing .600 ball. (Note to Lee: Little Joe LaRoche has a ten game hitting streak so you know, he's doing okay. The final judgement on the Jason Bay trade will be whether or not Bryan Morris pans out, I think.)


Caroline said...

- Danica Patrick. Whether the hockey is on Versus or NBC, she's there. That Versus commercial makes me want to punch her in the face. Yeah, yeah, you're real tough. Shut up.
I completely agree. That commercial drives me nuts. "Yeah I get in people's faces!" Cool. Good for you.

Although I do have to say I do find amusement when people use fake real names on message boards/blogs/etc...when it's done right. I remember when Miller had a blog on Maxim he said he was excited for a playoff game that was being taken place on Friday, then "Gary Bettman" left a comment saying, "Um Ryan, the game's on Saturday..."

Lee Andrew said...

Well, he was batting .250 before today so I would hardly say he's been great but he is playing better offensively. He's bad, bad, bad defensively though. Most errors and lowest zone rating of any third baseman.

I'm glad I have not seen this Danica Patrick commercial. I've seen enough of her in my lifetime.

Heather B. said...

I remember when Miller had a blog on Maxim he said he was excited for a playoff game that was being taken place on Friday, then "Gary Bettman" left a comment saying, "Um Ryan, the game's on Saturday..."Caroline, that's definitely funny although in that situation I probably would've gone with Lindy, Darcy or Goose over Bettman. But for that one funny one someone somewhere wrote 100 unfunny ones. I'm just not sure the trade-off is worth it. I can only read so many comments from "Larry Quinn" in my lifetime.

Lee, I guess you haven't gotten the memo that the Pirates have the second best defensive rating in the league right now (according to Baseball Prospectus). Of course it's probably Litte Joe keeping us fron being top dog. Pa LaRoche should make him do some extra chores on the ranch before taking extra ground balls. (Additional Pirate fun fact: We currently have the best team ERA in the Majors. Yee-ha!)

Heather B. said...

Why is Blogger suddenly insisting on cramming my replies right next to the end of the passage I'm quoting no matter how I space it? Anyone know? That is also very annoying.

Lee Andrew said...

I did not know the Pirates had such a high defensive rating although I did know that Sanchez/Wilson were one of the best double play combos for some time.

I think as punishment Little Joe LaRoche should have to help Hop Sing in catering.

Norm said...

The lottery people make me want to stab them in the back of the neck with my trusty ball-point pen.

The resign re-sign thing sticks me off too. Maybe because I'm a writer, and little grammar and spelling things tend to annoy me. But the current bastardization of the English language is going to turn us all into idiots.

Danica Patrick needs to be taken out behind the garage and beaten severely.

Jeremy White is a self-important moron.

Versus tagline for the playoffs was "Don't miss a second." Umm, we kind of missed a LOT of seconds due to your freaking network's love affair with Sidney fucking Crosby!!!!!

OK, I need to go make some coffee before this gets any worse. LOL

Norm said...

Umm, obviously that should be "the resign/re-sign thing TICKS me off too".

Now I've ticked myself off too. What a start to the day.

Jill said...

Heather... Blogger has been doing it to mine lately as well. At first I thought it was operator error but then I realized nope... I am not a moron... OK in some cases. BUT It is Blogger.

Vanek's Hair said...

The people buying all the lotto tickets anger me, too. They always seem to be doing that when I am stopping in quickly to buy a bag of ice or two, and am short on time. Seriously, how about the vending machines that my local Tops has. Then I don't have to bother.

And not using my real name? I guess I will have to retire "Vanek's Hair" as my moniker then.

Heather B. said...

Vanek's Hair, it's not using fake names that I have a problem with. I can certainly understand not wanting your real name all over the internet. It's using names that belong to someone else and posting comments while pretending to be that person. When you start posting comments as if you're actually Vanek's hair ("I can't believe he got me cut again!") ... well, then we got problems :P

amy said...

I was alright with Twitter until I read a co-worker's feed and some of the unflattering comments she had about my co-workers (including me). Not cook at all.

I hate the lotto people. All I want to do is pay for my gas and go about my day, not wait in line while you play the double triple jigundo super jackpot.

I also do not like gas stations that make me prepay for my gas because I'm daring to use cash, and then the cashiers look at me all shocked when I want my change back when I'm done.