Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blogger Ate My Homework

So I had a really long but insightful (heh) post written about the trade deadline, what the Sabres need to do, Jerry Sullivan and Henrik Tallinder. But Blogger and Firefox teamed up to eat it and I'm cranky and still under the weather and really not interested in writing it all again. So here's a summary:

I hate the time leading up to the trade deadline because it makes people crazy.

I do not want Bill Guerin or Ryan Smyth ever.

Current Sabres team is not good enough to go all-in on rentals or old guys.

I've gone back and forth many times but I'm currently feeling the Sabres should not trade Tim Connolly.

Jerry Sullivan's column about Henrik Tallinder got lost in the week-long debate about the Sabres being soft but it was a good read.

Tonight might be Hank's last game in a Sabres jersey. Lots of very good reasons this might happen but for me, total bummer.


Lee Andrew said...

Totally unrelated to hockey but I always wondered who came up with "under the weather"? How did they get under the weather from being sick?

alix said...

Under the weather has nautical ties. Sailors/passengers who were sea sick from the bad weather were told to go down below to avoid the worst of the weather. So they were actually "under the weather"

Heather, that Hank article was really heartbreaking. I hope things work out for him either way.

And I hope you're feeling better soon.

Heather said...

alix, thanks for the explanation! You saved me a trip to Google. That's pretty interesting.

And yeah, that column was pretty sad, right? Even more sad because it's true. Hank is always going to battle high expectations here and while yeah, that's part of the deal of being a pro athlete, I'm sure it can take a toll. I think there's a lot of frustration on all sides: Hank, management, Lindy and the fans. I'm sending Darcy my list of teams Hank absolutely cannot be traded to as soon as I'm done here so I hope it works out well for him too. (And don't worry, the Canucks are welcome to have him :D)

Jill said...

Sometimes players just need a change... I would rather see him get a fresh start than dwindle to nothing.

Lee Andrew said...

Man, I actually looked up what under the weather meant and I didn't need to.

Oh well, here is another one I found out. At one point in time when a wayfarer came to a farmhouse in England asking for a meal he would be given cold food. Since the common food at the time was mutton he would be given a cold shoulder. Hence the term "given the cold shoulder."

Also did you know that Vin Diesel coined the phrase "I could eat a horse" right after he had eaten the last unicorn on earth.