Saturday, August 18, 2007

Whatever Pops Into My Brain (Pretty Boys Ahead!)

I just realized it's been a pretty quiet month here at Top Shelf. Summer malaise is setting in, I think. The last couple weeks of summer school are chaos and trying to balance the two jobs with some terrible allergy attacks has sucked me of all energy. I've been spending most of my time at home sleeping. I'm now on vacation from the day job however for two weeks and will soon have a week off from both jobs while my mom and one of my brothers come up to visit from Alabama. So maybe I'll get a much needed energy boost. For now, here's a hodge-podge of things:

Much of Buffalo is currently talking about the price increases for the upcoming Sabres season. I'm not really sure what the big deal is. First of all, we all knew a price hike was coming. It's not like the team has been hiding that fact. And while there are certainly a number of bronze games that could be value games, silver games that could be bronze etc. I just can't get that up in arms about this. A seat at a Sabres game is still much more affordable than a seat at many - if not most - pro sporting events. Mark and I spent a nice little chunk more on our mini-pack than we did last season, but what we spent on five games would still barely get us into a couple of games in Toronto. I'm the first to forget this sometimes or whine about it when it doesn't suit me, but this is a business. There are people involved who would like to make some profit. If you're going to complain that management isn't throwing enough money at players to keep them around, I don't know if you can complain about them picking up some money in an area that, let's face it, they've probably been underpricing the last few seasons. It's all about supply and demand. The Sabres are hot right now and if you want to see them in person, you're going to have to compete with fans who are willing to pay more money. That's the way it works. Of course Drury and Briere's returns are going to be be gold games - lots of people want to see them. The truth is, management could've raised prices much more than they did. Pony up and go to the games or don't. But take a look at what other fans are paying to see lesser quality teams play before you complain too loudly.

These new jerseys are largely frightening. Columbus's new design is much improved and the Bruins did a great job of making their classic look fit the new streamlined look, but everyone else? Ugh. What is up with all the weird piping and color blocking on these designs? And a lot of them suffer from the same thing the Sabres re-design does - very plain chests with an explosion of color and design under the arms. Why would you put that much of the design in the most useless place on the jersey? I can appreciate the new jerseys being made of better material and providing improved performance, but I don't understand why it's proving so hard for teams to make something decent of them. And if the Bruins can design the jersey they did, why exactly was it impossible for the Sabres to use the vintage logo on their re-design? The shapes of the logo and the striping are almost exactly the same.

My husband Mark (check out his new blog, SabresDance) has spent his summer trying to select a new favorite player so he can purchase a jersey replacement for his now useless Drury jersey (although we did decided that we can tape LYNCH over DRURY, making it somewhat wearable). Right now it seems Drew Stafford is in the lead with Ryan Miller trailing in second.

My buddy Kate recently started up a new blog called The Willful Caboose which everyone should, of course, check out. Kate is also in the process of selecting a new favorite player - darn you, Chris Drury! - but unlike Mark, she is factoring physical appearance into the equation. This led to us turning a comment thread on the otherwise respectable Bfloblog into a debate on whether or not Teppo Numminen is hot (yes, he is). I'm genuinely gob smacked at the idea of someone not finding Teppo attractive, slicked back hair and all, so just so everyone knows where I stand, here's Heather B's list of the three best looking Sabres, in order of preference. Aw, heck... Let's just call this next section:

Why I Love Hockey #21 - Good-Looking Boys
1. Henrik Tallinder - Hair the color of burnished gold, bright blue eyes, sweet smile, and dimples. The long, lean frame seals the deal. Very pointy chin but that can be avoided by not looking at him in profile too much.

2. Paul Gaustad - Really hot especially when he's throwing punches at people.

3. Jochen Hecht - He's got the whole shy boy vibe working for him. I don't know that I'd say he's hot, but he's totally adorable. Especially cute when you can get a little bit of a smile out of him.

Honorable mention to Teppo Numminen. Eternal favorite status to Jay McKee and Marty Biron.

As for the puck bunny favorites...

Ryan Miller is not cute. He's interesting looking - I have a lot of affection for his perpetually cocked eyebrow - and he seems like a cool guy, but he's not good-looking at all. Plus he's so darn scrawny. I am not a small woman. I have a hard time being attracted to a guy who I'm mostly convinced I could break in half with my bare hands.

Jason Pominville is not cute. He looks like a puppy dog (thus the nickname "Pommerdoodle") and I want to pat him on the head and say, "Good boy" when I see him with that frizz of hair.

Derek Roy is very cute so I'll give the puck bunnies that one. He's so tiny though. Not really his fault but I have a hard time getting past it.

All right, I'm done. Maybe I'll be more organized and coherent tomorrow.


Mark B said...

When you talk about cute hockey players, it makes me think about that time we were walking along the Marina downtown last year.

Every few feet along the rocks some puck bunny had scratched: "I love Jason Pominville", "I love Paul Gaustad", etc. Hilarious.

I think we can all agree Rod Brind'Amour is the ugliest man in hockey, right?

Kate said...

Whoa, Jochen Hecht! I have been severely underestimating him. Damn it, now I have to recalibrate the Sabres hotness curve....where's my calculator? :)

This is sort of off topic, but I've been thinking about these Jersey redesigns, and it got me thinking about the Buffaslug. As stupid as the slug is, I gotta say, I think the goathead was worse. The Slug is sort of cutsie, but the colors are way better. The goat was just all around hideous. Of course, there is no excuse whatsoever to use the slug when we have the beautiful vintage jerseys. (I realize this comment is soooo 2006 :D)

Kate said...

Oh, I forgot to say thanks for the link!

Where are my manners?

Meg said...

Kate: I totally agree about the goat head being worse. It was just awful. And the colors are a huge improvement. Although, because I don't buy anything with logos on it anyway, I'm pretty sure my opinion doesn't count.

Paul Gaustad - Really hot especially when he's throwing punches at people.

Or when he's wearing glasses!

Also, it's funny because while I too think, "Derek tiny," if I were ever to actually meet him (which I don't forsee happening) I probably wouldn't notice because he's still taller than I am.

And I'd probably think Miller was huge because he's so tall. Although I once showed my roommate that picture where you can see his legs and she said, "oh! his legs are the size of mine!" The thing to keep in mind here is that my roommate weighs all of 95 pounds. Poor Crunchy! (whose legs, I feel confident, actually are bigger than my roommates, though still unbelievably scrawny)

Anyway, great list!

Steph said...

These new uniforms are driving me crazy - all that unnecessary piping has ended up the Wings' new jerseys having the Captain's 'C' on the opposite side of the jersey. As happy as I am that they haven't messed with too much else, that's going to take some getting used to.

And Mark, I think we can agree that Rod Brind'Amour is the ugliest man in hockey - so why do I keep getting search hits for "Rod Brind'Amour's girlfriend"?

Meg said...

I think we can agree that Rod Brind'Amour is the ugliest man in hockey - so why do I keep getting search hits for "Rod Brind'Amour's girlfriend"?

Ew. Ew ew ew.

Gambler said...

Yay! Yo-Yo made it into your top three! I'll admit I'd never really thought about his attractiveness until recently--I just liked him because he talks funny and most people ignore him--but now that I have I definitely agree that he's a total cutie. That second picture of him is so adorable!

Many times over the past season I would say to my TV, "The only thing uglier than this power play is Rod Brind'Amour." Definitely the ugliest mug in hockey, hands down.

Steph said...

Ew. Ew ew ew.

I keep wishing I could track down whoever it was and demand why do you want to know? Except I'd be afraid to. Ew.

Many times over the past season I would say to my TV, "The only thing uglier than this power play is Rod Brind'Amour." Definitely the ugliest mug in hockey, hands down.

Whenever Elly and I find ourselves liking some hockey player we very much should not be, our mantra is "at least it's not Rod Brind'Amour, at least it's not Rod Brind'Amour". So far, that thought has remedied any and all of our less becoming hockey loves.

Heather B. said...

Mark: There's a good reason they call him "Rod the Bod" and not "Rod the Face."

Kate and Meg: I like the goathead logo better than the slug. Which is not to say that I love it. I just really hate the slug. I do very much prefer the blue and gold although I wish they'd stuck with the bright vintage blue instead of the navy blue that half the teams in pro sports wear. And that goes for the Bills too.

I've been watching Jochen for years and I really just noticed how cute he was last season. He totally snuck up on me. Gambler, I love that second picture of him too.

Derek Roy is listed at 5'9" on which would make him a little bit taller than me. But having seen him pretty up close, I'm not buying that number. I think he'd really be a little bit shorter than me.

Gambler said...

Whoa, that's like the time my chemistry teacher told me his driver's license says he's 5'7" when he's actually considerably shorter than I am at 5'4". I hope he gets attacked by bears in the woods and the search-and-rescue party completely passes him by because he's way shorter than the guy they're looking for.

Derek, please correct your height on your profile! We're paying you too much for you to go and get attacked by bears and not be rescued.

By the way, I love that Roy's the shortest guy on the roster, but he uses the longest stick. (If you know what I mean.)