Friday, August 10, 2007

A Pretty Useless Post

On a non-hockey related note, I was really happy when Barry Bonds hit homerun number 756, not because I'm happy he broke the record - steroids or not, he's one of the biggest jerks in the history of pro sports and I refuse to be happy for him about anything ever - but because I figured all the single-minded devotion to Bonds would cease. I could watch a baseball game without having to sit through cutaways to every single one of his at-bats. I could read the internet without having to skip over yet another person's commentary on Bonds. I could read the newspaper without having to look at an official Barry Bonds homerun countdown. It was a joyous day at Stately B. Manor. And then I sat down at work today, opened up The Buffalo News, and saw the front page of the sports section: a huge photo of Barry Bonds with the headline BONDS BLAST 757th. Are you kidding me? Who cares? Is he going to get a headline for every homerun he hits for the rest of the season? Do we really need to keep a running tally now? At this point I'm just not reading anything in TBN at all.

Now there are rumors that the Sabres are looking into re-acquiring defensemen Rhett Warrener. Now I like Rhett and actually wouldn't mind seeing him return - he's exactly the kind of defensemen we're lacking and he's not falling apart at the seams like his former partner Jay McKee (best looking defensive pair in hockey) - but I'm greatly amused by all the rumors about former Sabres. Hey, Buffalo, maybe we should just bring back the entire '99 team! They made it to the Cup Finals after all so they must be better than the pile of crap team we have now, right? We don't really need Rob Ray between the benches, do we? Put him on the ice! He'll bring us some grit! :::eye-roll:::

More later.


Gambler said...

Whoa, is it true there are rumors about Rhett Warrener coming back? That's awesome! Not because of anything hockey-related, mind you. I wasn't much of a hockey fan when he was around, and Calgary is pretty far off my radar, so I don't really know what kind of defenseman he is. No, this is awesome because my mom was in serious LOVE with him when he was here before, and watching her torn between her old flame (no pun intended) and her newer, younger crush (Pommerdoodle, yeah she's a cougar) would be absolutely priceless. It would be one great big creepy love triangle!

But these rumors about ex-Sabres are getting sort of ridiculous, I agree. Who will we be bringing back next? Perrault? LaFontaine? Jim Kelly? Buffalo fans need to learn how to let go of their heroes, already.

Barry Bonds sucks.

Kate said...

Hee! Your Mom loves Pommerdoodle, Gambler? That's awesome! He's the dumbest, prettiest Sabre we've got!

Barry Bonds is heinous.

Gambler said...

She does indeed, Kate, and it's precisely because he's so dumb and pretty. She's a hardcore sports fan, but she has absolutely no shame when it comes to loving pretty boys like "her Pommers." I'm on the lookout for a Bills crush on Paul Posluszny after she referred to him as "the Adonis" all night. Paul Posluszny! He's younger than my sister!

I love her, so much.

Lee H said...

Well, technically, the reason Barry Bonds homerun was such a big deal is because he broke the all-time record. Now whenever he hits one, it's the new all-time record, so isn't that just as important?

I've been saying all along that you don't want ball number 756 you want ball number, whatever he's on when he hits his last homerun.

I do wish he'd go away though, I mentioned in my sports blog that the Colorado Rockies are 2 games out of a playoff spot. I listen to sports talk radio every single day and how many people all year long have mentioned the Rockies at all? One.