Friday, June 22, 2007

I Hate The Off-Season (e5)

I wish there was a way to delete from the Internet because even though I can't stand it - so far we've learned that Briere is either staying in Buffalo or going somewhere else and the Sabres are either keeping both captains, keeping one captain, or letting both captains go - I cannot stop looking at it. Darcy Regier has always been a pretty tight-lipped GM so I guess I'm just looking for talk from somewhere about the players I'm concerned about. These rumors are maddening though and quite frankly, at this point I'd almost be glad to hear Chris and Danny are both going elsewhere just so Buffalo can start moaning and groaning about something else. My husband and I have really enjoyed the code Eklund uses for his rumors however and have taken to using it ourselves. "I'm going to Thursday At the Square after work - that's an e5. I should be home by 11 but that's only an e2." My apologies if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

More later. My internet service is down again - I'm not impressed Time-Warner - so I'm writing this at the library and my time is just about up.


Kate said...

Hockey buzz is the WORST! Even though I read everywhere that Eklund is a total liar idiot, I can't stop looking either.

Heather, they are going to sign one of them, right?



Meg said...

I used to look all the time, but then I realized that Garth (that's the Bflo guy's name right) had a "command" of the English language (among other things) that made my blood boil and that it was better for my mental and physical health if I avoided hockeybuzz like the plague.

When it comes to trades, free agents, etc. I always figure that if there's a rumor about Buffalo then that's something that's not happening.

All that said, I totally understand the draw of Eklund and used to look at his site regularly. It's like looking at a car accident. You almost want to see what incredibly stupid crap he's come up with most recently.

mercurial scribe said...

It's crack. And crack is whack.


I understand your squirming but have managed to only TiVo the draft and am watching it now with the Husband.

LeeAndrew said...

Yeah, I have no idea what you're talking about. To me an e2 and an e5 are errors by the catcher and third basemen.

Heather B. said...

Meg, I find Garth absolutely unreadable for the same reason - but I still look! I'll call my husband into the room once in a while just to read him a cluster of sentences that make no sense whatsoever. And I find it hard to believe that his laptop has no spellcheck. Come on, Garth! By the way, I always picture him as Dana Carvey's Garth which is quite the image when he talks about talking to the players. Darcy is so tight-lipped that you're probably right to disregard anything that actually gets out.

Kate, I sure hope so. I've spent so much time preparing myself for losing one of the guys that I don't know if I can stomach losing both.

In other news, Time-Warner still sucks and I'm still patronizing the computers at the local library. I love the library but they're computers stink!

Kate said...

Heather, have you read this?

Do you think it's possible that they are gunning for Drury at the expense of getting things done with Briere? They can't possibly be doing NOTHING with both players.

I'm going to choose to believe that they aren't going to negotiate with Briere until they KNOW it's over with Drury. I need a little hope!

Brian S. said...

I agree about the fact that Hockeybuzz has some horrible rumours. However, they are usually more on top of the moves that actually happen than sites like espn, which is the reason I keep checking them out.

Anonymous said...

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Kate said...

Heather, I'm sorry to clutter up your comments with this, but I simply cannot stop myself. I need to write this somewhere and no one who reads my blog will care, and I can't bring myself to start participating in Sabres forums. I don't know why, but the forums are an arbitrary line I can't cross right now.

I've figured this entire thing out! I know what is going on!

The Sabres knew all along that they could only sign one captain, and that they wanted Drury. BUT, they need to leave enough wiggle room so that they can at least try to sign Briere if things fall through with Dru. They actually can't seriously negotiate with both at the same time. This explains why they are not actively negotiating with Briere; they are waiting to get it settled one way or another with Drury. They are avoiding dealing with Danny until it is totally over with Drury. I think that they are in really serious negotiations with Drury right now. There is no WAY that Regier is doing nothing right now. It's impossible. He hasn't suddenly turned into a total moron.

So, say they are close to a deal with Dru (or maybe even already have one), do they throw a big press conference? No! Because then they would have to admit that there is no hope of signing Danny, that they never had any intentions of really trying unless they couldn't get Chris. No one wants to have a press conference where they essentially are saying "We don't want Daniel Briere", because that's just preposterous. They really have to wait until after July 1st to announce Drury if they want to avoid all of that.

Plus, this also explains why we have heard absolutely nothing from Drury's camp. Everything we have heard about Drury wanting to leave has been total rumor mill stuff. We haven't heard a single peep from Drury or his agent. Doesn't it make sense that Drury would hire a really tight lipped agent? Doesn't that seem like the kind of guy Drury would want working for him? Doesn't it seem possible that if anyone can keep things on the actual down low it would be Regier and Drury's guy? Doesn't it also make sense that everyone in the Sabres camp would want to downplay all the "Danny vs. Chris" drama? Isn't it possible that Chris Drury doesn't want to be in a situation where reporters are asking him "how does it feel knowing that because the Sabres signed you, they couldn't also sign Danny?"

If they wait until free agency then everyone can say "Hey, we tried to get a deal done. It just didn't work out with Danny."

Now, you might say I'm just grasping at straws in a desperate attempt to continue loving Chris Drury, and you'd be right. BUT of all of the things I've read on all of the whining Sabres message boards, I think this makes the most sense, because all of the whining theories assume that Darcy Regier is sitting around ho-humming, and doing nothing about the captains. That just seems silly to me. There has to be an explanation for why he isn't dealing with Briere. My version allows the possibility that 1. We get to keep Drury, and 2. Regier hasn't totally lost his mind, and 3. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE FINE.

Again, I am sorry for putting this insane rant onto your blog Heather! You will be happy to know that I have made a NO SPORTS RADIO rule at stately Katebits Manor until all of this stuff with the captains has blown over. I can feel my sense of perspective returning by the minute.....

Heather B. said...

Kate, it is quite all right! I don't mind rambling at all, no matter how desperate it may seem :-)

Honestly, I think your idea has merit. It makes sense to me that Darcy and Co. would only want to invest that much money in one of the captains and then zero in on that guy, keeping the other one on the backburner until either the first guy was signed or it became clear the first guy was un-signable. The only pitfall here is, what if they go back and forth with Drury until the 1st and then BOTH guys are lost on the open market? That makes for a very sad Heather.

My husband's theory which I mention in the post I'm working on right now is that the team has decided Vanek is the priority and that they're waiting to see what happens with him so they know how much available money they have for Chris and Danny.

Good move on banning sports radio. I did that as well and I'm slowly weeding out the message boards although I haven't quite managed to give up hockeybuzz yet. I'm working on it!

I just need something to happen fast. At this point, I'm not even going to be that picky about what it is, as long it's definite.

Kate said...

Yeah, it is a dangerous little game to play, but it would also be totally dangerous to offer both captains the sort of contracts they probably deserve. What if they both accepted? I'm telling you Heather! The longer they don't negotiate with Briere, the closer they are getting with Drury! I just know it! (and yes, I'm desperate. But at least this theory is optimistic)

I don't quite understand RFAs. If nobody gives Vanek an offer sheet, who determines his salary next season? Is that when things go to arbitration? I can see how they would prioritize Vanek over everybody else, but that doesn't explain why they wouldn't just make him an offer first.

Heh. I just saw that you responded to me over on IPB but I already started this comment, so I'll just leave it here. We are playing musical blogs!

Kate said...

Hee, Heather I just went to hockeybuzz. I think that your husband might be one of Eklund's "inside" sources. Eklund must read Top Shelf!