Monday, June 4, 2007

Chris Neil Sucks

Here's what Chris Neil had to say about Brian Burke's assertion that he should've been suspended as well:

"He just pointed me out because I was the last person he saw leaving the building (laughs)....I am not him (Pronger)...He stabs guys in the back after the whistle with his stick...takes guys legs out..everyone knows that's how he plays. He been suspended for games multiple times, I haven't. You figure it out."

I wish I could figure it out, Chris but for some reason the NHL is content to let you play the way you play. When you finally hurt someone, I hope they feel embarrassed for all the times they let you get away with leaving your feet, making contact with someone's head, or hitting people who can't see you (and not because they're not paying attention). Considering who's in charge however, I doubt that will happen.

I left Chris Neil off the anti-Ottawa post because I didn't think he was really worth getting that worked up about. But I've changed my mind. I hate watching him play and no, I wouldn't feel differently if he was on my team.

All right, I'm moving on, I swear...

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KMS2 said...

I would be embarrassed if Neil was on my team. But then again, I still like Avery, so what do I know.