Sunday, May 13, 2007

Suck It, Alfie

I was feeling a little more generous toward Daniel Alfredsson today until I saw that Hank is still feeling pretty sore and might not play tomorrow night and that Alfredsson said the hit was fine and he felt like Hank was looking for a call. I'll be pretty happy to get Nathan Paetsch in on the powerplay, but losing Hank would be a terrible blow. I'd rather lose any other defensemen on the roster. And while I don't expect Alfredsson or any other player to stand up and say, "It was a stupid, unsafe hit and I'm sorry" - though it would be a nice change of pace - it really bothers me that he would question the integrity of a guy like Tallinder. He hit the boards pretty hard, he's broken the same bone in his arm twice on similar hits, and he has absolutely no reputation for embellishment or dramatics. He came back on the ice because it was overtime of the #$@!$% playoffs. Suck it, Alfie.

Hopefully Hank will be feeling okay tomorrow.

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