Friday, April 27, 2007

Agony and Ecstasy

Quick thoughts because I just got home from the game and I'm way too worked up to really think right now:

- This probably goes without saying but Ryan Miller stole game 2. Not only did he steal it, he stole it and then waved the goods around in the Rangers' faces for good measure. I don't know if it made the TV broadcasts or not but after the last save he made on Jagr in the waning seconds of the game, there was a shot of Jagr where he looked absolutely defeated. Just totally done. It was awesome.

- Can we please keep Dainius Zubrus? Because I think I love him. You can keep your Ryan Smyth, and your Peter Forsberg, and your Gary Roberts. I don't think any of those guys made the difference to their team that Zubie has made here.

- Since when is the penalty for punching a guy in the face getting tossed from the face-off circle? What the?! I'm down with the whole planned ignoring response to Sean Avery's antics - I know getting no reaction kills guys like that - but in the final minutes of the clinching game, I hope somebody just pounds his head in. I elect Zubie.

- That was one of the best crowds I've ever been a part of. It was loud and everyone was involved. I'm choosing to ignore the guy behind me who kept screaming, "Go play in Philly and count your millions, Briere!" every time Danny touched the puck.

- While we were in line for ice-cream during the second intermission my husband and I were discussing how we thought Stafford should be moved back to Roy and Vanek's line and Max should be put with Timmy and Mair. And what do you know, when the third period started that's what the lines were. Clearly someone overheard our conversation and relayed it to Lindy. Thanks for listening, Lindy!

- Overall our game was terrible tonight. Nine shots over the first two periods, especially when one of the periods included a 4 minute powerplay, is just wretched. But sometimes you have to win ugly games. Good teams find a way to do it. I'm just hoping I don't have to watch too many more games like this because it's torture.

- Did I mention that Ryan Miller was awesome?


Interchangeable Parts said...

We are so glad your guys won this one, especially since it was one they really had no business winning! We also admire the "ignore Avery" movement, and it's been a joy watching the Rangers media machine trying to make it sound like he's been really effective so far in this series. Keep up the ignoring, Sabres... and then yeah, clock him at the end of the elimination game!

There are few things as a hockey fan that can warm the cockles of your heart like the deflating-in-defeat Jagr. So glad to see Miller crunching (if you will!) his spirit like that.

That's very interesting that Lindy has bugged that ice cream line so he can pick up coaching tips from the fans. We're planning a guerrilla movement to get Devils fans to go stand in that same line during the next Sabres home game to say things like, "It would be so great if we could trade Vanek for Gionta..."

KMS2 said...

The TV broadcast zoomed in on Jagr after he was robbed and he definitely looked defeated. And then they mentioned that Miller's cousin (Kip Miller, who played with Jagr at one point) told Miller about how to beat Jagr. Althouh I'm an Avery fan I think it would be great if Zubrus gave him what he deserves.

Margee said...

Girl, Zubrus has been awesome. I feel like he has not been getting the credit he deserves. He totally letting his freak flag fly in Buffalo.

If Buffalo doesn't sign him (they totally should!), he's tops on my wish list for the Isles.