Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ding-Dong the Slug is Dead

You can't see me, but I'm currently dancing on the grave of the slug.  I don't know if the leaked jersey photos are real or not, but I do know that there's not a slug anywhere in sight.  I know, I know.  Most people got over the slug by the middle of the 2006-2007 season.  I didn't.  I hated that thing on sight, I hate it still.  I am very proud to say - in a way that totally acknowledges that this is a RIDICULOUS thing to be proud of, of course - that I never purchased anything with the slug on it for myself.  Oh, sure, I bought Mark a few things with the slug.  There's no accounting for taste after all.  (Just kidding, dear.)  (Kind of.)  I have, however, have two jerseys: a red and black Connolly and a vintage blue Tallinder.  All my t-shirts are vintage.  All my random Sabres crap is vintage.  So suck it, Larry Quinn.  I didn't fall for your money grab.

That said, I'm not completely happy.  For those of you who don't spend as much time as I do on Twitter, here's what the new road jersey is alleged to look like:

I hate, hate, hate the silver arm pits.  No one's arm pits ever need to be accentuated.  That's just the way the world works. And I hate, hate, hate the silver piping along the sides of the chest.  The silver doesn't go well with the blue and gold and the curved lines don't match the rest of the striping on the jersey.  Those things seem to exist solely because the Sabres, for whatever reason, don't want to use a straight-up vintage jersey.  But instead of just modernizing the whole thing, they just changed the shade of blue (boooooo!) and added some random lines and spots of color.  It just... doesn't quite mesh for me.

My other complaint, and this one is more nitpicky, is that I'd flip the coloring of the striping on the arms and waist.  I think the larger stripe needs to be blue with the thinner, outer strips yellow.  I don't know, something about that looks off to me.

Bottom line is, I'll buy one of these eventually (though probably in blue on account of how much ice-cream and pop I manage to drip on myself over the course of a season) but I'll buy it mostly because it's what the team's wearing and it's not dog-ass ugly.  A Winter Classic-like jersey?  I'd buy one of them because they're straight up awesome.  (Seriously, how beautiful is this?)  Still, an improvement in my book.  Big time.

Now if I could just say the same about the team.... But more on that later.


Shelby Rose said...

I had no idea you had a Connolly jersey! I don't know if you've mentioned it here before but I'm impressed, haha.

I'm not one for white jerseys because one, I look terrible in white, and two, I would get a ton of stains on it. I even get stains on the dark jerseys I have now. I'm terrible with keeping them clean.

Heather B. said...

Shelby, the Connolly jersey was an impulse purchase at the beginning of the 05-06 playoffs. Then he got destroyed in the Ottawa series and appeared to be dead for about a year and I moved on to Hank during that time. But I look back on my fling with Timmy with some fondness. (Some. How much depends on the day. :P)

TheSharpie said...

I, too, never bought anything (save for tickets) with the slug on it. My parents even made sure when they bought me Sabres shirts that it has the good logo on it.

Tam said...

I had a Connolly jersey (well, still do) and after one of his many deaths, I moved on to TONI...funny how that works.

Now my mom tries to steal my Toni jersey...