Saturday, July 3, 2010


If you're here and the blog looks godawful ugly, it's because I'm in the middle of a re-design crisis.  If it's still like this Sunday night, don't worry, I probably just gave up on blogging completely.


Gambler said...

I don't know what you're talking about. The blog looks WONDERFUL! It's got all it needs to keep me coming back for more.

(Good picture choice. That one used to be my desktop for a while a few years ago.)

And I've been meaning to come here and leave this message for a few days now, but ABBA kept sending me into fits of hysterical laughter/real tears: So, so sorry about Hank. Here's hoping Yo-Yo never leaves us. The King is dead, long live the King, etc. etc.!

Lefty824 said...

I'm liking the Hecht! I miss Tallinder though.. :(

Kathleen said...

Heather, I'm so sorry about Tallinder. I was really hoping we could keep him, at the very least to mentor Myers another year or two. I was going to suggest a Pominville banner as a nod to the "Top Shelf," but I think you've got a winner with Hecht.

And as for poor Hank... well, at least he went to a nice, inoffensive, reasonably successful team. Imagine if he went to the Sens? Or the Oilers? Eeep.