Tuesday, January 19, 2010

GIrls Night Out (Woooooooo!)

Kate and I have become pretty darn good friends over the last few years, but we have this problem where we kind of forget that we don't HAVE to keep all of our communication to the online world or the arena. So tonight I finally went to her brand spanking new (to her) house to enjoy the game. Jessica of the newish blog Running With Sabres (I am lousy about updating my blog roll, but when I do, her blog will definitely be on the list) joined us and a fun time was had by all.

So much fun was had in fact, that I barely know what happened tonight. In fairness to us, we did talk about things like blogging, local media, and how Lindy Ruff's snazzy system is affecting the offensive plalyers and how it will work in the postseason so we weren't completely off-topic, but yeah, I only remember two goals. I remember Jochen Hecht's because it was such a Jochen goal - you could tell by the sheepish smile on his face that even he knew it was completely ridiculous. And I remember Thomas Vanek's goal because all three of us yelled at the same time, "He scored and he's STILL shaking his head!" You could practically hear him thinking, "That was the WORST goal in ALL MANKIND!" And then they cut to Thomas on the bench, looking all sad sack-y, Lindy with one hand on Thomas's shoulder and whispering in his ear. How'd we end up paying seven million to the guy with no self-esteem? (And I do say that affectionately. I would prefer a star player with sound mental health, but I suppose caring too much is better than not caring enough.)

As Kate said at the end of the night though, it was a good night to not really pay attention. This was one of those games that you can allow to just kind of wash over you. I've grown very fond of our stellar record against the Western Conference so I hope it continues.

And hey, I said in the preseason that I thought the Sabres would finish fifth in the conference (and called Carolina finishing under us though even I didn't see the delight that has been their season) and I told you guys months ago that it was time to admit the Sabres were good at hockey, but even I did not see them with the top seed in the conference at any point in the season. Can I get a little Darcy Regier love up in here, cynics and doubters? Heh.

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