Thursday, August 20, 2009

Living and Learning

Found this interview with Ryan Miller (via @VanekAtTheDisco) today. It's just a short little piece but there's some interesting stuff in it about the Olympic team and Buffalo. Here's Ryan on the Sabres:

I just think that as a group, we had to go through some down time and really learn that it sucks to lose.

Wow, slow learners. Are you done with this particular lesson yet? Because I really learned two years ago that it sucks to watch you lose and I'm getting bored waiting for you guys to catch up.


Pookie said...

"Slow learners"


Jaime said...

Maybe we should get them into remedial hockey, hockey 101, something, anything. I'm ready for a winning team again

Katebits said...


Oh, Sabres.

Lee Andrew said...

I think I learned it sucks to lose the first time that Coily jumped on Q*Bert's head.

Heather B. said...

Lee, yeah seriously. I'm not sure how you get to 25 much less to 25 in the NHL without understanding that losing sucks.