Sunday, March 15, 2009


Okay, so I never got around to that "more later." But it's not my fault! I was in the middle of a nice post about how I enjoy going to hockey games even when the Sabres aren't very good and then they went out last night and tried to challenge that idea. (Well done, fellas.) And then I was writing a post about how we're complete toast and while that might be true in some ways - it's never a good sign when a team in the basement looks like it wants to win more than a team scrapping for a playoff spot - it's not technically true. We're only two points out of eighth and only three points behind the Hurricanes and they've played two more games than us. This is absurd. How can a team that plays so badly so often still be in the playoff hunt? I mean, it's not that I'm not grateful but I'm kind of ready for them to be either in or out. This on the fence thing where I have to care about what feels like EVERY OTHER GAME IN THE CONFERENCE is killing me.

So anyway, I got nothing right now. I am, however, the Sunday Conversation this week over at First Time, Long Time. If you need a Heather B. fix in the form of long, meandering thoughts on the Buffalo News, how to fix the Pittsburgh Pirates, baseball books and what I'll do with my blog banner when Hank leaves, head on over there and hopefully I'll have something up here tomorrow evening.


dave in Rocha said...

"How can a team that plays so badly so often still be in the playoff hunt?"

Because outside of the Bruins, Devils and Caps, every other team in the conference has too played "so badly so often". Most teams in this league are pretty similar and pretty average.

That said, last night sucked.

Heather B. said...

Yeah, you're right, dave. Parity at its ugliest, I guess. It's just weird seeing almost everyone in the conference in a position where they could be in, could be out.

(Last night TOTALLY sucked.)

Erin said...

I was going to say something similar to what Dave said. I think we're really hard on the Sabres because we expect more from them but the truth is that Montreal and New York have won only 2 more games than the Sabres.
It's so hard because we wish that the Sabres were easily fitting into the playoff picture and it's not shaping up that way.
I'm trying to enjoy the rest of the season. The playoffs would be fun but it really only means a week or two (realistically) more of Sabres hockey.
Also, we are all really emotionally involved but it is only hockey after all. (I just keep repeating this to myself).

Vanek's Hair said...

Also, bear in mind that better than half the teams in the NHL make the playoffs. It makes it suck when your team misses if you think of like that, but it also causes such a game of musical chairs.

And parity also contributes. The upside of parity is that every team can say at the outset of the season "If (insert favorite team here) just has (insert 15 variables here) go right, we are a contender!" Or to paraphrase the great Winston Churchill; parity spreads mediocrity equally.