Thursday, January 1, 2009

Where We Stand Now

Ryan Miller was much more solid, the team played smarter, they actually looked somewhat organized, they scored goals when they needed them and they didn't let the other team back in it at the last minute.

Woo-freakin-hoo. Call me when you've done this more than once or twice in a row, Sabres.

I commented on Kevin's Facebook today that my prediction was we'd win handily in Toronto, squeak out a victory in Boston and then promptly start playing like garbage again. We've done this "new start" thing a few times already this season and it hasn't stuck yet so... yeah, prove me wrong, fellas. Because I really, really wanna be wrong.


Anonymous said...

The Sabres are definitely still lacking in that spark and intensity. Sure we won, but other than the 6 minutes in the 2nd where we scored 3, nothing else really happened. What I'm waiting for is a complete 60 minute effort against a team that we wouldn't be able to beat otherwise, say Detroit or San Jose.

Anonymous said...

Call me disappointed. Not with the Sabres.

"Kevin's Facebook"?

"Call me when you've done this more than once or twice..."?

Forgive me for being, uh, OLD-FASHIONED. I always thought sports fans stuk with their teams. I thought blogging was done on blogs.

Front-runners give up at the turn of the year. A-listers do Facebook.



Heather B. said...

DaveD, sorry if you're not down with the negative attitude. I watched the game just like I've watched every other game this season and just like I'll watch all the games yet to be played. Being a fan doesn't mean being happy with the team all the time, at least I don't think it does. It means I'm choosing to support a team. Sometimes I love them, sometimes I don't. It's my blog, it's a place where I can express my feelings and right now I'm not impressed after one win. If they keep playing like they did tonight then I'll be as happy as everyone else. I want them to be better. I certainly think they can be better. But the reality is that they have not played very good hockey this season and I don't feel like I need to pretend that I've enjoyed watching it.

As for the Facebook reference, I dunno, sorry? I sometimes do things on the internet besides blog and sometimes those things have to do with hockey. Wasn't aware I'm not allowed to reference them here.

Katebits said...

Ha! I love the idea that it's "OLD FASHIONED" to rudely insist that Heather should do all her "blogging on blogs".

I hate it when DaveD gets disappointed. :(

Jonathan said...

Hey, pom pom scored two goals!

I've given up on trying to be a "real fan" a looong time ago. Real fans always stay until the end. Real fans are devoted. Real fans don't EVER root for other only get one team and that's it. Real fans pay as much attention to meaningless regular season game 82 as the pay to the Stanley Cup playoffs. Real fans DEMAND winners. Real fans talk smack. Real fans always "believe" in their team.


It's entertainment. It's supposed to be fun to spend gobs of money to see your team play. I'm not interested in following this unwritten code for fans. I'd rather just chill out, watch the game and cuddle with a bag of Doritos. If I find myself turning the game off with 14.3 to go, then so be it.

I tend to be a pretty loyal fan but I really don't have a problem with bandwagon jumpers. I mean if you aren't interested in a .500 team then you aren't interested in a .500 team.

Besides, I don't think Heather is giving up on the team. She's just upset with them. You're allowed to be upset with a team (or a person) without being branded a turncoat.

Gambler said...

Amen, Heather. I'm happy, but far from thrilled with the game tonight. They beat a team they needed to beat and that they definitely should beat, but I think too much of the success can be chalked up to CuJo's poor performance for anyone to start celebrating. That was some ass goaltending.

As for what's up with my boy, I have NO idea, but I don't like it at all. I can only hope getting his first shift of the game after the 10 minute mark stung him as much as it stung me, because sheesh. Ouch.

Heather B. said...

Gambler, Cujo sucked ass for sure. That said, one of my biggest complaints about this team has been how horrible their record is against the bottom of the conference so maybe I should be at least a little happy that they did beat a team they should beat.

Pookie said...

Hether, I can't believe you thought being a part of the Sabres internet community allowed you to interact with other Sabres bloggers in any forum other than your own blog. For shame! Do we need to revoke your blogger's license again?! How many times is that now? Hm? Yeah, I thought so. ::eyeroll::

Also, it's pretty apparent you haven't gotten the "Being a Fan: Do's and Don'ts" rulebook.

Do: Be excited for every win.

Don't: Synthesize the concept of that win with a greater understanding of the patterns of the current season and past seasons with regards to the playing habits of the team.

Do: Believe everything's perfect again because your team beat a bad team with a joke of a goaltender.

Don't: Contextualize said win within a bigger picture where you know the team you beat is bad and that their goalie is a joke.

Sheesh! It's just not that hard! Call me OLD-FASHIONED but I think you're a classless beeyotch. And a tewl.

Vanek's Hair said...

Yippie, one game. Of course, in the tradition of coaching gimmicks, everyone will credit Lindy Ruff with shuffling the locker stall assignments. Even if they lose their next 15 games, Ruff will be credited with that. I will be excited in late March if last night's performance has been the rule not the exception.

I do have an update from the Ever the Optimist Department (of which I am a member). My stream of conciousness during the game last night went something like this:
"What if Jochen Hecht, Jason Pominville and Max Afinogenov remove their faces from the milk cartons and actually start producing in the second half of the season? After all, the Sabres are in an eighth place fight without them." I realize its a long shot. But hey, that's what the optimist says. I will spare the balance of my stream of conciousness because this is a "Family Blog"

Jonathan said...

Matt Ellis got two goals today?!

Mark B said...

After today's win, I am at least a little encouraged by two straight hard-working victories. But I think it would be foolish to assume that these players have turned the corner yet. Let's see how they do against a piss-poor Ottawa team on Tuesday at home.

I guess than means I'm not OLD-FASHIONED either. I probably won't be able to live with myself anymore.

Heh. People are funny.