Sunday, March 25, 2007

Thank You, Millsy

Ryan Miller speaks the truth:

“If we want to be the big, bad team we think we are, we’re going to have to show a little more effort, that’s for sure — early in games, at least,” Miller said. “We know we have the capability to score, but we got to start playing complete hockey.”

Good for you, Ryan. There's no reason you should have to stand on your head every friggin' night to keep us in games, especially at this point in the season. On one hand, I do believe there are guys who are coasting a bit now who will kick it up once the postseason starts. We've clinched a playoff spot, we have a good shot at home ice advantage. These games are largely gravy. But on the other hand, there are definitely some ugly habits developing and I worry about how hard those are going to be to kick if they continue. Why the heck is Ryan having to make 30+ saves every night while the other goalie is underworked? Why oh why did Raycroft only have to make TEN SAVES over TWO PERIODS?!?! Time to wake up, fellas.


bucky said...

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more to come!!!

Elly said...

It's always sobering to hear members of the team come right out and say, 'Hey, we're kind of sucking right now. How 'bout we do something to fix that?' but it seems like you guys have addressed the issue?

Congrats on the new blog, by the way. :)